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Amélie Mauresmo: "I want to release me"
Walkabout. Grabbed Saturday by young admirateurs of Tennis Club of Plaisire (Yvelines), Amélie Mauresmo, the godmother of the "Nike Turn Junior", is filled with wonder: " It is incredible, all these young people followed, they challenge to me say to me : "the US Open one, it was brilliant" If that can give them a little desire, I will be delighted. When I was younger, I had played with Guy (Forget), I had adored. " Smiling, slackened, the 23 year old Frenchwoman then lengthily evoked her joy in life, to play. Confidences.

Remarks collected by Jean-Julien Ezvan
[ September 16, 2002 ]

LE FIGARO. - Ten days after your epic semi-final with US Open, which does remain American adventure?
Amélie MAURESMO. - Much of images, emotions and confidence. Even if the disappointment of the defeat against Venus Williams remains (6-3, 5-7, 6-4), the impression remains positive. It occurred many things like when vis-a-vis American (Jennifer Capriati, in quarterfinal), I turned over the public which supported me. Over there, In New York...

During this tournament, did you feel your more intense emotions?
Not, my more beautiful emotions, I lived them during Open Gaz de France, in Paris. Every year, over there, the communion with the public is really brilliant. I adore this tournament, I gained it once (in 2001), they were fabulous, I would like to regain it. In New York, the emotions were more in the play, of the feelings compared to me, this satisfaction to print a rate which is mine, a style of play which is mine. And to do it in a full stage, in front of 23 000 people, that concentrates many emotions.

The final the Open one of Australia in 1999 will remain like a revelation and this last semi-final could announce maturity. Does the short cut seem to you excessive?
Not In 1999, it was right a blow, that did not correspond to a level of play or a constant over one year. There, I feel lend to connect the matches, the tournaments, even with stronger waiting. I feel more serenity. I relativize them today "it is necessary that I gain" or them "I should not lose". I manage to disregard all that, it is what helps me, at one precise time, to exceed me and give on the ground what I must give, that that passes or that that breaks.

What changed?
I have a play which is set up. That made a few years that I evoked this desire of going from front, the Master word since a few months, but I had evil to concretize. There, at ease, this play I feel likes me, I am content. That rewards the work carried out with Loïc (Courteau) and previously with Alexia (Dechaume). I must continue to garner confidence. Confidence, if one puts much time to acquire it, it can evaporate in the space from one or two matches... But even if bad results were to arrive, the course would have to be kept. I am on the good way.

What must still change?
I must acquire constan it. For the second sécutive time idiot, I appeared in the last square of a tournament of the Large Slam, I must connect this kind of match. Some have this practice, not me, even if I manage better these go. In some time, I will be able to negotiate both, three points which I missed. I do not want any more to leave runs as to Roland-Garros, full with regrets, blocked during all the match. I want to feel only happiness, to release me, the play feels some.

Are the Williams sisters unbeatable?
After Wimbledon and my defeat in semi-final against Serena (6-2, 6-1), I felt impotent. Whereas there, two months after, I smell myself less far, to even reverse the tendency near. That approaches, it does not miss large-thing. I test, tournament after tournament, I am not far, even if Serena remains above.

Which are your objectives?
I have an end of the year rather charged with in particular three tournaments in October and then, there is Masters in Los Angeles, in November. I will try to continue on the impetus, to reproduce the same level of play and even better still. I must settle durably in the hierarchy. I am in the signal 10 (7 E ) but now, I want to go above. Quietly, it is coming. And in a more general way, I aim at the tournaments of the Large Slam.

The team of male France is on the point of disputing the semi-final of Davis Cut against the United States...
One wants all which they remake like the last year (winners in Australia). They play house, it will be a large advantage.

Does that give you desires compared to the Fed Cup?
It is a test which justifies me. One can feel there emotions completely different bus during the remainder from the year we are an individual sport. The emotions of group, that can be fabulous, the boys of the team of France speak about it very well. Us, one can arrive there, it will be difficult but one wants to live that.

Do you feel lends to assume the role of leader of a renovated team?
Yes, but I would like that Mary (Pierce) returns. She can bring to us not badly of things. She misses a little matches but she can return on a very high level. That is due to him in heart and it knows that it can be useful of the Fed Cup to start again itself. She evolved/moved. We shared a training course before Roland-Garros, I found it more mature. And if it is always a little in its world, it is not any more the girl in the clouds which it was...

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