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Jul 24th, 2009, 12:53 PM
Aravane Rezan French tennis, the most important goal in the first match by winning a tournament is to start by specifying that, "The first meeting is very important. İstanbul Cup 2009 two years earlier than a good set of performance I want to. I am in my career, the best results in the ground soil did. But as I grew up playing on hard ground. So I prefer to play at my hard floor. I think I will be successful in the tournament, "he spoke.

By playing good tennis performance revealed that Reza wants to say, the first career win in Strasbourg get you by saying, "I work too much. We work hard, and world ranking in the class want to go," he spoke.

French rackets, also of Turkish love tennis court you want to fill in the "Turkey and Istanbul I love it. Here I house feel like. So here I am very excited. Ediyorumki Hope two years ago, as the Turkish audience has given me the support that once again give. I have a good time to them as best I can I'll try to play tennis, "he said.

Celebrity tennis Rezai'nin father Arsalan Reza is located in Turkey due to be very happy to have, "like everyone else to win over here. But we can not win a lot of upset. Because we feel like our home is. Of course, our best will try to do. A Iranians as my daughter to play in neighboring countries was not very desirable. We the people of the Iranian women in the top-level sport and to show they are successful. There are very good conditions. Plants are very good, "he spoke.

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