View Full Version : Tennis Poker 3rd anniversary!

Sep 12th, 2002, 06:35 PM
The first Tennis Poker tournament was played right after the 1999 US Open. :cool:

I would like to thank all the posters who have supported the game through these three years, and especially those of you who have been here since the beginning, who follow the game closely and who don't miss a chance to post a few words of appreciation.


Sep 12th, 2002, 10:34 PM
Happy Birthday Tennis Poker!!!!!!!!

and many thanks to DoctorG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 13th, 2002, 07:23 AM
Thank you, Per4ever! :wavey:

The Crow
Sep 13th, 2002, 12:03 PM
Happy b-day Tennis Poker.

It's my first year I've entered (and I only entered because my Belgian teammates needed someone to complete their team ;)), but I love this game!! Great concept! :D

Thanks Doc :D

Mateo Mathieu
Sep 14th, 2002, 12:56 AM
Happy Birthday, Tennis Poker!! :D

I was the Number 1 at the end of 2001!! :D

Sep 15th, 2002, 10:56 AM
Happy Anniversary Tennis Poker, and thank you Doc for all the work and effort you put into this year in year out! :)

Sep 15th, 2002, 06:31 PM
Yes Happy Anniversary Tennis Poker!!!

I'm glad I entered this year!

a big Thank YOU to Doctor G for your hard work in keeping this game running!!!

Sep 16th, 2002, 01:15 PM
The Crow, AlexSydney, Carot, Rocketta,
thank you all! :wavey:

Indeed in 2001 AlexSydney was #1 and won the team event too. :bounce:

Many posters have conquered the top spot in these 3 years, I'll make a brief research through the old files to find the complete list. :)

Thank you, and good luck for the upcoming tournaments! :D

Sep 16th, 2002, 01:19 PM
Happy b'day!! :D

(something tells me I am not going to be in that list ;))

Sep 16th, 2002, 02:41 PM
(Not yet. ;))

But check the results of the 6th leg in the next few days, there's a very sweet surprise for you. :D

Sep 19th, 2002, 03:42 PM
Well, it has been a little bit difficult to make the #1s list, as the ranking system has changed a few times through the years, but I've found the complete entry list of the very first Tennis Poker tournaments:

ASV fan
Second Serve
Robert Zanotti
Luis Gonzalez
Jamie Saengsawang2
Doris Loeffel

26 posters, a bunch of them still around. :cool:

In 1999 and 2000 Dechyfan, Stuee, Brian Stewart, Jelena4me and Tennis124 were #1 in a ranking which considered only the best of the last three performances. :)

Second Serve, Jelena4me, Rightous and AlexSydney became #1 at some stage during the 2001 season, with a 52 weeks ranking system. :)

In this season Paul, Arne, Tim Wilson and Ayla have reached the top spot. :)

Sep 20th, 2002, 02:55 AM
well done domenico!

Sep 20th, 2002, 10:11 AM
Thank you Jacs! :wavey:

Sep 20th, 2002, 10:46 AM
In 2000 we had the first Tennis Poker Team Event, named 7WL (“ The Seven Wonders League” :rolleyes: ). Marti’s Party (MartiHingisFan, HingisRules, Brunof, Hingis1, Hingisrulz) and Team Chanda (Sub, Ayla, Griffin, Tia Clara) battled throughout the whole season, with the first one eventually prevailing. :)

From the following year on, the team performances have been based on the average of the singles results. The Seles Fans (Alx, MonicaTheBest, DannyLovesMonica) took an early lead but The Three Aussies (DokicFan, Martinafan, AlexSydney) dominated most of the season. :)

The Ab Fab Ladies (Tia Clara / Ayla / Sub / Griffin / Moon) are currently in control of the 2002 Team Event, after they have replaced at the top the peachpuff team (KC / Paul / Kris / Tennisace / Adrian) and the lime team (Valda / Tim / Doris / Sofiane / Brian & Luis). :)

Mateo Mathieu
Sep 26th, 2002, 07:55 AM
AlexSydney is the greatest player of all time? :angel: I was reached the top spot at the end of year in 2001 with won team event as well...


Mateo Mathieu
Sep 26th, 2002, 07:56 AM
Also, 2001 is my debut year :p

Oct 1st, 2002, 08:59 PM
You surely deserve a spot in the Tennis Poker Hall of Fame. :D

Hurricane Lily
Oct 2nd, 2002, 01:23 PM
Happy Birthday tennis poker!! :)

Thanks for the hard work Doc!!! :kiss: there for you! :D

Oct 3rd, 2002, 02:41 PM
Originally posted by Buttercup
:kiss: there for you! :D

Now I'm a blushing moderator. :o

Thank you, good luck! :wavey:

Oct 6th, 2002, 09:49 AM
CONGRATS TENNIS POKER AND DOCTOR G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bounce: :bounce:

And thanX again for entertaining us ;) :D

Oct 7th, 2002, 12:46 PM
My pleasure, thank you Arn. :wavey:

Oct 11th, 2002, 12:03 AM
Congrats, Doc. I've not gotten around to playing the game but to be going this long you must be doing something right!

Oct 16th, 2002, 08:33 AM
Hi Simon! :wavey:
Thank you, I'd be very happy if you decide to join the game next season. I've been able to run this game for so long as it doesn't require my daily presence: each tournament lasts about a month, and it's relatively easy to find some spare time here and there throughout the weeks. :)

Princess Fiona
Oct 19th, 2002, 09:40 PM
Congratulations!! :D :wavey:

Oct 21st, 2002, 01:52 PM
Thanx for all the effort you put into making this game work! :)

In the last 2 years I've been playing this game, I don't think I've quite managed to reach the top 20 yet. I've remained consistent, floating round 21-30 though.

I know my poker team (Tower of Power) is a regular in the Top 10 in the team event ;)

-Rachel :)

Doris Loeffel
Oct 22nd, 2002, 10:57 AM
Better late than never!!

Concrats to Tennis Poker for lasting for 3 years (not a granted thing these days for such kind of things!!) and Domenico for supporting the game.

Hope it'll last much longer!!

Finally found the topic where Doc hides ;)

Oct 22nd, 2002, 06:38 PM
Hi Franziska! :wavey:
Thank you, good luck for the upcoming legs. :)

Hi Rachel! :wavey:
Thank you, you've always been one of the greatest Tennis Poker supporters. :)

Hi Doris! :wavey:
Thank you for your interest, you've supported Tennis Poker from the very first tournament. :)

tia clara
Oct 26th, 2002, 03:03 PM
Dear DoctorG, better late than never (such an original idea, yes?)
but I want to add my Thank You to the list. This has been such fun and I think it is wonderful of you to give us all your time and attention and hard work.
Hope your exams go well - actually I have no doubts at all that you will excel! - and good luck in your new job!

:kiss: from tia :D

Oct 28th, 2002, 04:14 PM
Hi Tia! :wavey:
Thank you very much, I'm always so glad to hear from you, I hope you're fine and everything is ok for you too. :D

BTW, I have never mentioned it, but be sure that in these 3 years I've been wondering about quitting more than once, but the great support I've always received has made me go through all the difficulties. :)

I've been thinking about a few improvements and a couple of new features for the next season, I'll post everything after the season is over. :bounce: