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May 30th, 2009, 05:56 AM
"I didn't do very well today and made many mistakes.... I didn't move in my normal speed in the whole match, coz she screamed too loud but her shot velocity wasn't as fast [as her screams showed], so I was constantly mishitting. After a few mishits, I tried to adjust my speed, but my slowing down gave her opportunity to hold sway in attacking.... I could not find her rhythm."

As to de Brito's scream which brought her troubles, ZHENG Jie chose to respect her, "Perhaps that's just her style; it's not something I can/should intervene." However, ZHENG Jie still complained a bit, "She was always screaming in the match, but actually she wasn't hitting as hard. This made me think the ball went faster than it actually did, so I did my backswings a bit too early.

"Her determination and scream are quite similar to Sharapova! But she doesn't have fatal services like Sharapova's due to her hight. Anyway, I think she'll be a good player in future, coz moving and determination will make her fairly competitive."

source: http://we.sportscn.com/viewnews-168718.html

Okay, basically... I can't tell what's the difference between Michelle's screaming and Sharapova's! actually Michelle really reminds me of Sharapova in 2002 (or maybe 2003?) in Shanghai -- she screamed exactly like what Michelle is doing now. I guess there is a change of sound when you grow up and I'm not sure if Sharapova got complains from the Chinese players in Shanghai that time.

well, yes her screaming confuses her opponent about the speed of hitting, but screaming loud only means she's hitting IN HER HARDEST WAY! not everyone has the same strength and so that's your own business to figure out what's the limit of her strength, or maybe if you're French you'd like (or have the right to make) your opponent to tell you how hard she normally hits?

besides, according to some Chinese in Court 7 for the match between ML de Brito and Zheng, the audience was quite pro-Michelle. okay, now we see the point. it's not really how loud she screams, but just on the other side of the net stands a French -- that's it. beautifully conforms to the stereotype of le public français.

j'ai quelques amis français, et parfois on se moque du stéréotype de public français, "ils sont arrogants, arbitraires, désagréables et racistes." mais on est très déçu quand ils s'ont conformé parfaitement au stéréotype.

parabéns Michelle! Do better here next year! (Don't know how to say this in Portuguese) Diga-lhes que os portugueses NÃO são sempre limpadores ou criados!

May 30th, 2009, 06:10 AM
We have enough threads about this. You shouldn't be starting a new one. And it's your second post ever.

May 30th, 2009, 06:19 AM
you're right~ I've always been reading but this time I'm too angry, so I got an ID and tried to post something. My understanding of a forum thread is like sections in your essay - if you're talking about something from another perspective then you start a new paragraph or section. if you have a new topic then you write a new essay.

May 30th, 2009, 07:14 AM
so she basically cheats... she will probably be figured out though.