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May 26th, 2009, 05:14 PM
Since many recent tennis games are pretty poor nowadays, and I find myself turning to Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 rather than Top Spin 3 or VT3, I thought of coming up with a list of things that would make what I thought the perfect tennis game.

General gameplay

10-15 players from ATP and 10-15 from WTA and 5 legends from each tour.
Real stadiums to play in, including YEC (both ATP and WTA).
Awesome graphics, which apparently we're getting for EA Tennis.
Sweating, getting dirty during clay matches etc. but so it looks realistic as in TS3 my character would run around once and look like they jumped into a mud pit.
Each player should have certain special abilities, such as sliding, acute angles etc.
Downloadable content (new outfits, new characters, new stadiums, new equipment)
Wristbands on players who actually wear them (I don't think TS3 included this)
Realistic grunts, which should change if the player struggles for the ball, is tired, hits a different type of shot, is constantly running through a point striving for that winner.Create-A-Player

Good body/face morphing functions. I think the style that is featured in the WWE games would be ideal as they allow ultimate control over what your character looks like.
Real clothing and equipment brands.
They should have the outfits each real player wore at the Grand Slams, plus more.
They should have an clothing area specific to Wimbledon so the all white rule is enforced in game.
Decent hairstyles etc.
Ability to put spaces in the name of the place your player was born/resides. That really annoyed me in TS3.
Large range of animations and grunts.Career Mode

Begin ranked at least World No.250 with fake players and realistic players ranked above you.
A career with unlimited length. You could have the option to retire after maybe 5-10 years on tour
Have a separate WTA and ATP tour with different tournaments
Have a junior ITF tour.
Have different levels of tournaments like the Premier Mandatory through to International or Masters 1000 to Masters 250.
Actual tournaments (or at least the Premier or Masters 1000 tournies).
Ability to choose to play singles, doubles or both.
Mixed doubles at Grand Slams
Realistic points. TS3 lacked this as I highly doubt the World No.1 would only have 400 points.
Injuries that can take you out of action from 1 week - over a year. Reaggravating an injury could also be possible which could potentially end your career
Hiring a coach/trainer should be a part of the game. It should be very important as you could gain special abilities and improve quicker with one.
Implement clothing sponsors. You can receive special sponsor-only clothing from them, and you can only wear their clothes. They can give you a cash bonus when you win tournaments too. If you are sponsorless you can wear any brand, but they will not be as special if you get me.
Tour friendships/rivalries. Someone who you play doubles with frequently could be a good friend, but someone who you beat frequently could become your rival.
I think press conferences might be interesting where you could say things about your opponents which could spark off rivalries. The interviewer could ask you a question and you get a selection of maybe five things to say as a reply.
Implement use of an in-game computer where you can acces the ATP and WTA websites where you can look up results, bios as well as your head-to-head with certain players. It should feature all characters in game (real and fake).
Travel costs and coach costs.
Training facilities where you can gain the special abilities such as sliding. There should be a maximum of 3-5 special abilities though.
Possibly a legends tour after retirement.
The Olympics should be part of the game as well. Singles and doubles should be applicable to the players.
Fed/Davis Cup would be cool too.
Exhibition tournaments organised by your sponsors which could gain you extra money.
Full tournaments (7 rounds for a GS etc.). This is one of the things I loved in SCTPT2.Online Play

I never really play online so I don't know much about it, but they should have a tour similar to the actual tour. You start off at the bottom, play some 10k's or whatever, and then gradually claw your way to the top. Real tournaments could be scheduled around the same time as the actual tournament to provide a bit more realism. There could also be a reward for the Year End World No.1 and Grand Slam winners, such as special DLC or awarded special abilities for their characters. They could also win things where they can play against one of the real players online.
A special online YEC which would feature the top ten in the online rankings.What would everyone else put in their ideal tennis game

May 26th, 2009, 05:36 PM
www.managames.com!! :hearts: