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Apr 18th, 2009, 06:47 PM
Please only tell me what it says in a few words, thanks! ;)


Apr 18th, 2009, 07:48 PM
I'm not Russian so I will only give a general idea and maybe a few errors: it is a complaint about travel to Argentina/Buenos Aires. It is about the transfers and extra fees needed to get to the location of the tournament, German team / Lisicki getting food poisoning in the hotel. And the court was terrible to play on (no bounce?) because it had been flooded just before the match, and there should/will(?) be a penalty from the ITF for such court conditions. I think it is info from the German team that traveled there, and now this writer is happy to have the information because maybe his team will go there soon.

Apr 18th, 2009, 08:44 PM
Ok. Thank you very much. :wavey:

Does it say anything about Dulko playing Fed cup tie against UKR? No way she´ll be playing but an ukrainian insists on saying that UKR team still think Gisela will play...:confused::

Apr 18th, 2009, 10:14 PM
Here's Google translation of the article, not all of it makes sense from an auto-translate program. Apparently as drake3781 implied in earlier post, they are trying to warn another Fed Cup team (Ukraine?) about alleged "dirty tricks" when they play in Argentina.

So Dulko not notified. And I only understand Spanish very roughly. My current experience with the Argentines showed that any initial statement, you can easily turn inside out, hang to dry on strings and then get the final versions. So: the options

1. We were originally promised that all the players would be met at the airport of Buenos Aires and to delivered with free transfer in Mar del Plata. The reason for this "gift" was the delay in determining the venue for the tournament and our losses from delaying purchases of our tickets. In general, we bought tickets to Buenos Aires, before Argi identified the location as Mar del Plata. In the interim there was the the transfer to the Mar del Plata - Argentina's expense for the association. And because the place has an airport, we have proposed to fly a plane there. So we had to buy tickets from Buenos to Mar Del Plata. Since it was not a problem, but now one group, the glory of God, without the players had to spend the night in Buenos before a flight to Mar del Plata. In return, they promised to give the whole team a transfer from the international airport in Buenos to the locale. AAT has received from all of us to schedule arrivals and departures at the place in general EVERYTHING! And yesterday we had crying pleas, and that these transfers roads for AAT. And schetik to pay 750 dollars. That's how they met their initial promise. All this was accompanied by a letter from the ITF, that yes, they do everything we promised. But this was done on the Davis Cup finals, as an extra service. And at the (citation) "such a small event like this Federation Cup match "(???!!!) this service should not be granted. These are the facts. I understand that we should have rights to place themselves on the rules we had to celebrate it on the spot. But why were so many promises made? I would seek to place the matter with the ITF.

2. According to our information, the entire German national team, played the previous game after eating in the hotel that had poisoned some Argentines! The official tournament hotel! A Lisitsky was very seriously ill. Hardly flew to Germany and then swapped by doctors.

3. There is reason to believe (again, such valuable information from the source, deserves the full confidence), that they would do something to the dirt courts prior to the match. Dulko will not train at the club where we will play the match. We will train on the playing court. And on Saturday early in the morning will make it similar to, which will catch Dulko in the ambush. " This was carried out before the match with the Germans. Lisitsky and Kerber could not understand what is happening and why the ball is not jumping. A court was filled with water for 5 hours before the match. A top to bottom has been poured, which effectively killed the rebound. Winning speed was impossible. And even to a familiar ground Muller was unable to do anything. What can wait for the owners of such tricks with the courts? Maximum - a fine of ITF. But we would rather not have this be. Because the court does not transform then.

Here we are waiting for such "surprises". Against all these intrigues we can prepare an antidote. And I dare to believe that we will find their counter.

As my good friend said about these these horrors, " be warned then armed." I thank him for this information. We and you will make conclusions from it. Not the easiest match it will be.

Apr 18th, 2009, 10:20 PM
Hi, this google translation is pretty accurate.
Dulko is not playing

Apr 19th, 2009, 01:15 AM
Thank you guys :yeah: