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Apr 6th, 2009, 07:48 AM
Australia castaway dog survives life on remote island

A pet dog believed to have drowned after falling overboard in rough seas off Australia has been reunited with her owners after surviving on a remote island for four months.

Sophie Tucker was thrown into the sea as Jan Griffith and her family sailed through choppy waters off northeast Queensland in November. Unable to rescue her, the devastated family were convinced she had drowned.

But the cattle dog, unseen by her owners, managed to swim five nautical miles through stormy seas to St Bees Island, near the Great Barrier Reef, where she survived by hunting feral goats.

She was reunited with her owners last week after Ms Grffith contacted rangers who, she was told, had captured a wild dog on the largely uninhabited island.

When the Griffiths family met the rangers' boat bringing the ragged dog to the mainland she immediately recognised her owners, said Ms Griffith.

"We called the dog and she started whimpering and banging the cage and they let her out and she just about flattened us,'' Ms Griffith said.

"She wriggled around like a mad thing.''

When Sophie Tucker was first spotted on the island, she was in poor condition, she said.

"And then all of a sudden she started to look good and it was when the rangers had found baby goat carcasses so she'd started eating baby goats,'' she said.

"She surprised us all. She was a house dog and look what she's done, she's swum over five nautical miles, she's managed to live off the land all on her own,'' she added.link (http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/article6042765.ece)

What an amazing story :eek:

Lin Lin
Apr 6th, 2009, 07:51 AM

Apr 6th, 2009, 08:03 AM
Sweet story :tears:

Sam L
Apr 6th, 2009, 11:42 AM
Amazing story! She was bouncing around and so happy to be home. They're just like humans!

Apr 6th, 2009, 07:23 PM
I demand a picture of this dog!!

Apr 6th, 2009, 07:36 PM
I demand a picture of this dog!!http://www.telegraph.co.uk/telegraph/multimedia/archive/01379/SophieTucker_1379496c.jpg

Apr 6th, 2009, 08:13 PM
Awww what a great story. I love that the dog has a full name...the dog is "Sophie Tucker" right?

Apr 6th, 2009, 08:17 PM
Awww what a great story. I love that the dog has a full name...the dog is "Sophie Tucker" right?Yes, she was named after this (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sophie_Tucker) Sophie Tucker.

Apr 6th, 2009, 08:34 PM

:hearts: :inlove: :hearts:

Apr 6th, 2009, 09:01 PM
Wow. What a heartwarming story!

Apr 6th, 2009, 09:57 PM
wow amazing

Apr 6th, 2009, 10:28 PM
Yes, she was named after this (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sophie_Tucker) Sophie Tucker.

Interesting. Is she well-known/regarded in Australia?

Apr 6th, 2009, 10:30 PM
Slightly longer story with a few more details here.


Apr 6th, 2009, 10:51 PM
Wow, what a smart dog. :worship:
Mine would've drowned in 1 second. :tape:

Apr 6th, 2009, 11:05 PM
Wow :awww:

Apr 7th, 2009, 02:13 AM
Baby goats :sad:

Apr 7th, 2009, 02:26 AM
Baby goats :sad:

I was going to say the same thing :lol:

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so cute :awww: great story. :worship:

Apr 7th, 2009, 08:27 AM
I KNOW THE OWNER! He comes into where I work, I saw him on TV and was like 'I KNOW HIM'. Great story. :D