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Mar 28th, 2009, 02:57 AM
Hello I play tennis tournaments in france alot I play about 10-12 tournaments a year I'm playing today at 8am on Saturday and its 3am here so I need sleep :yawn: but it is supposed to rain tomorrow

my first round is against Reo Yamaguchi in a draw of 32 I'm confident in my game and im hoping to win this title I will give you updates later after my match if anyone cares lol ;)

Mar 28th, 2009, 08:28 AM
:yeah: Good luck.

I can never sleep before the day of the first match aswell.

Mar 28th, 2009, 07:18 PM
Good Luck :)

Mar 28th, 2009, 11:08 PM
Rained out I should play tomorrow but It will be with no ad scoring I think to make the tournament progress faster

Apr 4th, 2009, 10:29 PM
On sunday we played with no ad scoring it was a 32 draw tournament but we were only going to play till QF's and then stop because there wasnt enough time to play the full tournament in one day.

I won my first match 6-3 6-2
I played really bad in this match no idea How I won. It was very cloudy and windy and my forehand was off! but I hit some good serves that got me out of the match and he was making alot of errors too.

I won my second match 6-4 6-3
Wow I trailed 0-3 in the first. I was moving slow and not getting any first serves in and he took advantage then I got it together and got a break back and thats when he got fustrated and I took full advantage from 0-3 to 5-3 and eventually the set. Second set I was playing confident tennis got to a 3-0 lead. He was really mad.. He almost hit me with a ball. Then I finished the match 6-3 with a FH winner. It is always good to finish the match with a winner it feels so good!

I was in the QF but the tournament was done such a shame rain stopped me from winning a trophy atleast I get the ranking points for reaching the QF

Apr 10th, 2009, 05:18 AM
Im playing in a 32 draw tournament this weekend

first round vs Taylor Copp

if I can win that I play the 1st seed :unsure:

Apr 10th, 2009, 09:15 AM
:yeah: Good luck.

Apr 11th, 2009, 02:06 AM
It was rained out day we will play tomorrow at 8:00am

Apr 11th, 2009, 08:14 PM
I lost 6-3 7-5 :sad:

Apr 11th, 2009, 08:19 PM
I play in the losers draw at 9:30pm

Apr 12th, 2009, 03:16 AM
I lost 5-7 6-3 7-10

at 5-6 in the tiebreak he was up and I called on of his balls out and he said it was in so we got a official then it was 6-6 and the official distracted me because he was standing so close to the court but I really hit some good backhands just need to work on getting a forehand that can do some damage right now I cant hit winners from the back court with it much so yeah gotta work on that and my serve too.

Next tournament is next friday so wish me luck then

Apr 12th, 2009, 03:18 AM
Oh and I got off to a really bad start I was down 0-4 and came back to 4-4 and then at 5-5 I lost my momemtum and let him win the set.

But I think i could have won if i won the first set..but I lost so I have to deal with it

I will rebound next weekend for my next tournament :bounce: