View Full Version : What to do when someone is being a bad sport

Mar 12th, 2009, 05:38 AM
Hi everyone. I am a relatively new tennis player (I started playing last June). I play in a USTA 3.0 league. Last week, I played in a doubles match against a team that.... well ... just weren't good sports. No matter where the ball was when we called it out they disagreed. One of the women went as far as to say that she "challenged" our call. I didn't think there was anything like that in tennis but we all decided to play the point over. The other team made calls that we also disagreed with but we did not say anything. Finally, in the 3rd set we won 6-2. However, this same women told us that she "challenged" our call on the very last point. This time I told her that there was no such thing as a challenge in tennis and that it would stand. Both of the women refused to shake our hand and the challenger told us "Well Congratulations" very sarcastically like we had cheated. I am a very nonconfrontational person so this really upset me. How do you guys deal with it? Believe me, I am a new player and I never go out expecting to win.

Today I went to the tennis courts and she was badmouthing me and my partner saying that we call everything out. :mad: