View Full Version : Japanese TV proclaim Venus and Hewitt winners.

Aug 31st, 2002, 10:50 PM
From the official US OPEN coverage website
in Japan. TBS.

Kimiko Date and *Matsuoka Shuzo both
pick Venus and Hewitt to retain their
US OPEN titles.

They've been getting better coverage in Japan
than alot of people. :eek: Hingis, Serena, Daniela,
Dokic, Venus, Seles, Anna, and Kim!!!

*Matsuoka is the infamous player that John McEnroe
always talks about when he refers to the "injury timeout"
rule that was created. Matsuoka had a cramp and couldn't
move;but they wouldn't let him get medical treatment.
He was rolling in pain- then the Chair finally got him medical
treatment. From here on- all players can ask for a medical