View Full Version : Sorry to all my fans, but...no fashion analysis

Aug 31st, 2002, 06:53 PM
I won't be able to do a fashion analysis. I've gotta read books for school, and I don't have time for it. Sorry!

Though, I will make some notes:

Justine needs to change
Lindsay's isn't that bad
Adidas's outfits have been the exact same thing since January
Venus's outfit with the blue tummy is a lot better than the white
Daniela wearing the boxes by Nike doesn't look very good
Lotto hasn't come up with a new thing since 1990.
Tacchini's new outfit(as seen on Iroda) is a little too complicated with all the blue lines.
Serena's cat suit is very ugly and she should not be wearing that on a tennis court. The bottom of her bum is hanging out
Dechy's outfit looked like she had a tail
The outfit that Jennifer/Jelena wore in the second line is horrible. There was a blue stripe on one side, and a white one on the other....like the designer forgot what color he was making it or something
The Nike Box TOP looks bad, but the dress as a whole looks nice

Sorry again!

Aug 31st, 2002, 11:23 PM

Sep 1st, 2002, 12:23 AM
sniff sniff.... (holding back tears)
I always look forward to your analysis.