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Aug 31st, 2002, 01:59 PM
*Welcome to ATP/WTA Big Brother's Twelfth Eviction. As the end to this marvellous series draws to an inevitable close, tonight we will decide who will spend the final week in the house. In this, the most important eviction yet, Who Will it Be?*

The funny man and veteran of eight nominations, Goran....

The frank diva, Martina….

or the house’s beautiful, serene one….Kim

*After 6 days of voting the poll has now closed. The results are in. After another week of strategic voting, we will now cross live to the house for the announcement. Everyone is silent. The housemates are anxious, waiting in fear and excitement.*

*I have just been handed the envelope and will put the housemates out of their misery. *



*Goran raises his hands up in triumph and exalts smiling; “FINALLY!!!!!!!!” He stands up and says; “I’m out of this shit hole”.*

*A voice comes over the house. "This is Big Brother. Goran you have 20 seconds to leave the house...19...18....17...16...15....14"*

*Goran in the most emotional farewell yet, hugs and embraces all the housemates. Marat slaps his mate affectionately on the back and tells him to “keep a cool beer ready for me when I get out” Goran laughs and tells him to try not to go insane spending the final week in the house with two girls; “A threesome, maybe?” Goran hugs Kim and tells her to look after Marat, and does the same to Martina telling her to keep a check on the activities of the two lovers. Marat grabs his friends bag and the three remaining finalists follow him to the door.*

*"7....6.....5....4....3...2...The Siren Sounds. All the housemates scream goodbyes as Goran leaves the house.*

* Goran is packed into a buggie and heads to the studio. As Goran’s yells from outside the walls of the ocmpund fade away Marat makes the blunt assessment; “I can’t believe I am stuck with two women!” Kim and Martina punch him playfully,*

*Once in the studio, Goran smiles broadly and then continues to gesture in triumph, he jumps on the sofa and begins stirs up the crowd. Once brought back to the sofa, he is shown the percentages for his eviction*

KIM 11%

*Goran *Laughs* "I had to lose out eventually. Every week I was nominated again and again, it was like Russian Roulette. I knew eventually you guys (public) would get sick of me”

*He is then asked the famous 10 big brother questions*

What did you miss most while in the house?
I think I missed sex the most. Me and Xavier were starving in there *laughs* If I could have had a beautiful woman I might not have been so annoying *laughs* I wonder if any ladies want to have a good time out here? *laughs*

Who was your fave person in the house?
This is obvious I think….Marat. He is just my best mate now, friends for life *laughs* *audience sighs*

What is your biggest regret from your time in the house?
No regrets ever!

Least favourite person?
Everyone else *laughs* No, seriously I would have to say Tim or Jennifer, they just drove me crazy a lot of the time. Maybe not as crazy as Martina was *laughs*

Laziest Person?
Myself or Marat *laughs*

Funniest Person?
Marat could crack me up sometimes .

Person you could most fall in love with?
Well that is a pretty sorry story *laughs* I guess you all know that *laughs*

*Is shown footage of himself talking about love in the house with Xavier, Marat, Monica and Martina at various times in the house*

*laughs* Looks like I spent a lot of time talking about it, and very little time doing it *laughs* I guess I’m not loveable *laughs* *audience sighs*

Person with the most annoying habit?
I think I must have had the most annoying habit, considering i was nominated pretty much every week. *laughs* Now if I could just figure out what it was....

Who will be out next week?
I’d have to say Marti, I think the lovers will go through to be the final two *laughs* isn’t that romantic guys? *laughs*

Who will win?
I think Marat will win…the ladies like him, and I think he deserves to win.

*This is goodnight from the Big Brother Complex. Tomorrow the lines will open for the second last time in the house, as we count down day by day to the final eviction. On Friday we will farewell the third placegetter. Then a new poll will commence for two days until Sunday when the Big Brother winner for 2002 will be revealed. IT IS A WEEK THAT CANNOT BE MISSED. REMEMBER BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING!!!!!!*

Aug 31st, 2002, 02:16 PM

Aug 31st, 2002, 02:30 PM
Marti makes it through again:D

Aug 31st, 2002, 05:56 PM
Not Goran! :sad: :sad: :sad: