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Aug 30th, 2002, 03:54 PM
The last few days there has been a lot of 'Hingis overpowered by qualifier, by lower ranked players, by the line people etc'. The question is: Has 'overpowered' become a cliche to be used every time Martina loses?

I'd say overpowering is when you play clearly better, and still lose a match because the other one hits so much harder than you that your better placement, techinique and perhaps even your pace doesn't matter. I feel that is how Venus, Serena etc used to defeat Martina, but lately they have become just as good with placement, and with a lot more pace/power than Martina has. Venus and Serena of today would easily defeat Martina even if they had the same muscles, it's hardly a question of overpower any longer-

Actually, it feels like overpowering lately has been "playing baseline style and win".

Has Hingis been overpowered so far? No way. She's been outpaced and outplayed since her comeback, but she hasn't had any problems because her opponents have been *stronger* than her.

Has anyone got any thoughts on this?

Aug 30th, 2002, 04:02 PM
I notice this trend as well, I remember when in Aussie Open this eyar, some reporters use overpowered to use to describe Venus defeat to Monica, I find it wierd and then now I think the reporters just use this word everytime a player lose, coz the chance is that he has never actualyl seen the match LOL

Martina is not playing well, I am sorry she got lucky with the draw, facing Antonella Serra Zanetti is a gift for her, and she can handle amanda coz she like palying this kind of players. Her match against Antonella is really bad, she didn't do anything with the ball, not the Martina I saw way back whn she played Aussie Open or even in Tokyo, she played much better game than that, I dunno if the injury and the confidence is lacking on her. an7yway I am shifting out of topic ;)

Well, Martina defintiely is not playing as 'technically' well as Williams sister, it really amazes me how much Williams sisters improve since last time I saw them, I agree, even if they are Martina size right now, they will kick Martina butt

Aug 30th, 2002, 06:29 PM
I saw her match against Serra-Zanetti, and it's true she's hitting with very little pace, even off the ground. However, she was moving in and volleying despite that lack. And she won easily, despite that lack. I expect she'll defeat Coetzer as well.

Martina will win on being a better tennis player until she meets either a) a fast player who hits hard, or b) a better tennis player.