View Full Version : Nicole dumped Felgate!!!

Jan 30th, 2009, 08:43 PM
manager confirmed to Czech press :)

I'm really happy to read that because she should dump him already long time ago.. hope she will find someone who will understand her as her stepfather.. they should work together again but I doubt it :sad:

GL NICOLE in finding a new coach :yeah: :kiss:

Jan 30th, 2009, 09:34 PM
Finally a step in the right direction for her!

Jan 31st, 2009, 12:42 AM
lets see if this works out :)

Jan 31st, 2009, 03:33 AM
What a good news!I really hope Nicole can be with her stepfather again..No matter who her new coach is,he must help Nicole get back to her form.See Safina and Peng,their coaches really help them a lot.I read an interview with Safina on Tennis Magzine,her new carrer was because of her new coach,dealing with her mental problem mainly.That's what Nicole needs now.

Jan 31st, 2009, 02:25 PM
Will that work on her:confused:I hope so.

Feb 1st, 2009, 08:13 AM
Good luck Nicole! Hope that you can find someone who really helps you back to the top.;)

Feb 4th, 2009, 01:11 AM
i was just thinking i have a bad feeling about this year but now that ive read this theres still chance for nicole 2 have a good year :D

Feb 6th, 2009, 12:45 AM
She's been in a slump for almost a year now. :tape:

Feb 10th, 2009, 06:29 PM
who is her coach?

Feb 10th, 2009, 07:48 PM
Is Nicole looking for a new coach?

Feb 10th, 2009, 07:55 PM
no coach yet