View Full Version : F1: Russian GP still on course! (Sorry, bad pun)

Aug 28th, 2002, 11:01 PM
From the www.itv-f1.com site:

'Russian Grand Prix organisers have insisted that the race will go ahead as planned in 2004.

The contract between Bernie Ecclestone and the Moscow authorities is still unsigned but, even though Russia faces stiff competition from other countries desperate to host a grand prix, tourist chief Grigory Antyufeyev remains confident the race will get the green light.

He said: "I'm sure Formula 1 will come here and it will happen as we planned in 2004."

Antyufeyev said the race organisers had a binding pre-contract agreeement with Ecclestone.

He explained: "Nobody has said with certainty that it will not happen. We still have a preliminary agreement between the Moscow government and the Formula 1 chiefs to hold a race here. Some countries take six to seven years before they can have a Formula 1 race."

China, Turkey and a whole host of Middle Eastern countries (Bahrain, UAE, Jordan, Lebanon) are all competing with Russia for a spot on the F1 calendar.

Of these, Turkey looks the most likely to get the go-ahead. Ecclestone recently travelled to Istanbul for talks with the country’s motorsport authorities.'

So, Russia in 2004, and Turkey in 2005!
Which 2 GPs will lose out?
I think Hungary will go. Bernie reportedly wants only 1 Eastern European GP (ie. a Russian GP).
So, which other country will lose out? Well at the moment Germany hosts TWO GPs (German and European GPs), so I predict that the European GP at the Nubergring (sp?) will lose it's place on the F1 calender.
So my predictions to lose their GP, are the Hungaroring and the Nurbergring.