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Meteor Shower
Jan 4th, 2009, 08:04 PM
Workshop Drill - Around the World 1By: Rachel Hunt
This includes a lot of running, good for cardio tennis.
You Must have 10 kids, or more!
Start with 10 kids. You split them up on to sides, (5 and 5). The instructor starts the ball out every time, and hits it to one of the people on the sides. The person then hits it across to their opponet. The catch is this, every time you hit the ball, you MUST run to the other side QUICKLY! If a person hits it to their opponet and their shot lands out that is a strike for the player who missed the shot. 3 strikes and your out of the game whiel the remaining players finish.

The Tennis4You Workshop- "Around the World" 2By: Kathy Krajco @ Operation Doubles (http://www.operationdoubles.com/)
Here is a fun team drill to develop consistency, concentration, and performance under pressure. I like to close practice with it on the day before a big meet.
Divide your players into two teams. One team takes each end of the court. Each team lines up behind their baseline. The player at the front of each line is the "active" player for one shot. After hitting it, he or she moves to the back of the line and is replaced by the next player. If a shot goes out, the hitter sits down. The team with a player still standing at the end wins

The Tennis4You Workshop- "Hit and Run" By: Scott Baker @ Tennis4you (http://www.tennis4you.com/)This drill is done with one student at a time.
The instructor has the student stand in the middle of the court at the service line. The instructor will stand on the other side of the net. The instructor feeds a ball to the student to one side of the court. The student must run over, hit the ball and immediately return to the self of the court. Once the student returns to the self of the court the instructor will feed another ball to one side of the court again. Keep this up until the student is tired.

The Tennis4You Workshop- "Approach Shot drill" By: Scott Baker at Tennis4you (http://www.tennis4you.com/)
This drill is a good drill to help you practice your approach shots.
The drillee starts on the baseline while the ball feeder starts on the other side of the court at the baseline. The drill starts by the feeder hitting a groundstroke to the drillee. The drillee returns the ball and the feeder returns a short ball. The drillee closes in and hits an approach shot down the line and closes the net. If the feeder can return the approach shot then play out the point.

The "Winner" Drill
A group of players lines up is in one side of the court, while one player is in the other side of the court (The "King" side). That player and the player that is lined up first play a best of three points. If you hit a winner you won automatically because it counts for two points. If the players at the "Non-King" side hit a winner then he must run to the other side while the coach lobs a ball to the person who is after him at that line. The point is to be at the "King" side as long as possible.

^ All of those are drills I've done before. Did you do them too?
Which ones you liked the most? you can rank them :p