View Full Version : US Open

Aug 26th, 2002, 09:04 PM
This is the poll about the US Open meant for the website, it hasn't been loaded on the website for some unknown reasons.

It should have been up there since last week... but we still am stuck with Stanford poll... :fiery:

Anyway, please post your expectations re Kim!

Aug 26th, 2002, 10:02 PM
I voted that she'll reach the QF again!!

But it'll be very difficult, but if she can get some confidence in the first rounds, she'll ba able to do that!!

Aug 27th, 2002, 09:17 AM
I think she'll fall before the quarters... I hope I'm wrong!

Aug 27th, 2002, 01:08 PM
i'm afraid that she'll only get to the quarters, but hopefully she gains some confidence and all our prayers be answered!

go kim!!! go lleyton!!!

they play today beginning at 11AM NYC TIME.