View Full Version : Will Serena Break the Curse the US OPEN has had the last couple years....

Sep 8th, 2008, 12:17 PM
US OPEN has not had a great track record for its Champions since Venus won it in 2001....

Venus 2001 W 2002 F
Serena 2002 W 2003 DNP
Henin 2003 W 2004 4th
Kuznetsova 2004 W 2005 1rst
CLijsters 2005 W 2006 DNP
Sharapova 2006 W 2007 3rd
Henin 2007 W 2008 DNP
Serena 2008 W 2009 ?!?!?!

Also of note all the players Including Venus (even though hers is a bit less and not bad at all, and of course Serena in 03, but she did get Injured so she also had a "bad" year in that since) Had a pretty bad year following their US success with their best Result coming at the AO the next year.

Venus- All Finals(Except the AO)
Serena- 2 GS(AO/ Wimbledon)/ Injury which change her game for years to come...
Henin- 1 GS (AO)/ Abysmal GS showing after the AO
Kuznetsova- Quarter(Good for her standards seeing as shed only made that round 2 times previous)= Kuznetsova effect in later tournaments
Clijsters- SF AO. Pregnancy on the brains
Sharapova- Finals of the AO/ Worst year on tour
Henin- Quarter at AO/ Retirment