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Aug 3rd, 2008, 05:58 PM
Week 1- Gold Coast, AUS, Tier II
Week 2- Sydney, AUS, Tier I
Week 3- Australian Open, GS
Week 4- Paris, FRA, Tier II
Week 5- Antwerp, BEL, Tier II
Week 6- Doha, QAT, Tier I
Week 7- Dubai, DUB, Tier I
Week 8- Bangalore, IND, Tier II
Week 9- Indian Wells, USA, Tier I
Week 10- Miami, USA, Tier I
Week 11- Charleston, USA, Tier I
Week 12- Berlin, GER, Tier I
Week 13- Rome, ITA, Tier I
Week 14- Strasbourg, FRA, Tier II
Week 15- French Open, GS
Week 16- Birmingham, UK, Tier II
Week 17- Eastbourne, UK, Tier I
Week 18- Wimbledon, GS
Week 19- Stanford, USA, Tier II
Week 20- LA, USA, Tier II
Week 21- Montreal, CAN, Tier I
Week 22- New Haven, USA, Tier II
Week 23- US Open, GS
Week 24- Tokyo, JAP, Tier I
Week 25- Beijing, CHN, Tier II
Week 26- Stuttgart, GER, Tier I
Week 27- Moscow, RUS, Tier I
Week 28- Quebec, CAN, Tier II
Week 29- Tour Championships, London, GBR
Linz, AUT, Tier II - Rest of tour

Aug 3rd, 2008, 06:02 PM
Are there any differences apart from the YEC moving?

Aug 3rd, 2008, 06:07 PM
Are there any differences apart from the YEC moving?

Where the Olympics was is now a Tier II event in Beijing. No other changes ;)