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Jul 4th, 2008, 08:35 AM
Because we have a lot of idiotic threads on GM (the last one i read was started by OZTENNIS) i will post another one :tape:

Face it, fans of Ivanovic and Jankovic the Williams sisters, Maria Sharapova, Brie Whitehead - Steffi and Martina are much better players. Their records speak for themselves. If they were younger and played week in, week out, they would be the clear No.1 and No.2. They are still the players that others fear to face like Marion Bartoli or Anna Chakvatadze.

Only Brie Whitehead comes close to the Steffi Graf and Conchita Martinez, Billie Jean King or Jana Novotna come close to Martina ( maybe closer than you think). Ivanovic,Jankovic, Sharapova and Williams Sisters (especially) are overrated and WTA ranks sucks :rolleyes:

H2H means everything... yeah right :rolleyes:
Martina has more Grand Slams, more WTA Titles, has been World No.1, more prizemoney etc etc etc than others, same with Steffi
Jankovic has never made a Grand Slam final, and will never win one
Ana has won only Grand Slam, but she didn't win doubles Grand Slam like Steffi and Martina
Serena and Venus won almost everything but they won't have sex with women like Martina
Maria haven't won RG.
Brie haven't one a set for long time.

Jul 4th, 2008, 11:22 AM
:tape:another time another place, things actually change:lol:

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Steffi :bowdown: