View Full Version : Queuing was a BEAST this year...

Jul 3rd, 2008, 03:49 PM
... but I LOVED it! :lol:

Since I can't watch Serena, I figured I'd talk about my experience. Now, I'm going to ration that the extremely high number of queuers in '08 was due to Andy Murray's run.

If you wanted Center Court, you absolutely had to be there the day before. People were queuing up even 2 days before. Talk about having NO LIFE!!! I refused to do that because I also wanted to enjoy London and hang out - which I did. I met some cool London-ites - some of which we'll probably be friends past the tennis.

The lowest number I got during my week at Wimbledon was 721 - which was only good enough for Court 1. But I did learn some other ways to get on Centre Court which proved very useful.

By the way, I'm sure most queuing Williams' fans didn't complain about them being on Court 2 for the 4th round. Although I took Court 1 tickets that day because it's easy to do the stand section for Court 2.