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Aug 10th, 2002, 01:34 PM
jennifer and serena were upset in manhattan! this would be a great chance for lindsay to win another title after the long months break! so let pray for lindsay~

Go, Lindsay~:bounce:

Aug 10th, 2002, 01:56 PM
yes let's pray!!! :) :) :)


Aug 10th, 2002, 04:38 PM
yeah but Jelena D's still in there and behind Venus Williams would be the inform hardcourt player at the moment - personally I'd love to see a Dokic / Davenport final and hopefully see Lindsay kick her butt <g> but first I'm just hoping Lindsay can win her SF :)

Aug 10th, 2002, 04:45 PM
oh, i think it will be Chanda Rubin vs. Lindsay Davenport in the Final, with Lindsay coming through in 3 sets!

but guys, the 3 other players left in the draw have ALL lost to Davenport in the past 2 weeks, when she was just returning from a 9-month injury! and Chanda was the only one of the 3 to take a set from her!wow! so if Lindsay plays anywhere near her best stuff, this title is hers for the 2nd straight year!:)


Aug 10th, 2002, 04:48 PM
ooops, i meant :bounce: not :bunce:


Aug 10th, 2002, 04:49 PM
I like what Lindsay said in her press conference after her match yesterday:

"If you had told me this a while ago, I'd have been ecstatic," Davenport said of her results.

"Now that I'm here, I'd like to go a step farther than the semis. It's a great start, a very consistent start, but again, you want to break out of the mold of being a consistent performer and be a contender."


Today is her make or break day - if she beats Sugiyama to make it into the final it'll be another step in her recovery and ultimately a contender. Who knows today might be third time lucky for her and she may make the final - since in the last few years she's definitely owned this tournament either in the form of winning or being runner-up.

Aug 10th, 2002, 07:49 PM
yeah, let's hope she can win this title and got not much worry to enter the WTZ Championship in auzzie end of this year~

Go Lindsay~

Aug 10th, 2002, 08:40 PM
oh, i really like Davenport's attitude. i'm glad that she wants to get the better results more and is willing to fight for a win! GO Lindsay!


Aug 10th, 2002, 10:37 PM
congrats lindsay on a well earned final! great match over ai today and eleni yesterday! im so happy for ya :D i too expect a lindsay-chanda final and i expect lindsay to come out on top. let's go for the title linds!

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Aug 10th, 2002, 11:30 PM
YES!! Lindsay beat ai 6-3, 6-4!!! That is SO great news! :D

Come on Lindsay, you can take this title home for the second year in a row. BTW where do you get the press conferences Lindsay does after a match??:confused:

Anyway, hope you can win tomorrow. We'll all be so happy, and the final itself it's a recovery and such a big step, not only phisically but also mentally. Now you will know Lindsay you're back at the top again!!!

Joaco:wavey::bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

OK TOPs let's bounce for Lindsay to win the final:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Aug 11th, 2002, 01:28 AM
sometimes they'll float around on the net or rock up in articles - the above one was in the article.

This one was in a Reuters article:

"There's no question I'm tired physically," she said. "Mentally, I'm still excited. I have a chance to win my first title of the year and I didn't think it would come nearly this quick."


Let's hope Lindsay finally fixes her toss problem because if she's playing like this with a dodgy serve, God only knows how she'll play when her killer serve returns.

Aug 11th, 2002, 05:13 AM
thanks gossipcom! Lindsay had a comfortable win today over Ai, but she was a little sloppy in the 2nd set and lost her concentration a bit. but she stay tough at then end when she was down 0-30 on her serve at 5-4! good serving got her through.

joaco! wow, that's the most amount of bouncies i've ever seen in a post!

:bounce: Good Luck in the Finals against Chanda! :bounce:

Aug 11th, 2002, 08:13 AM
okay sometimes I hate Lindsay's attitude on court - I'll admit it, the slumped shoulder *arghh* that's all part of confidence level - but damn I love her mental picture off the court and what she's been saying in her press conferences.

re: comeback

"There's no question I'm tired physically," Davenport said, "but mentally I'm excited that I still have the chance to win my first title of the year. I didn't think it would come nearly this quickly.

"My biggest fear, besides not being able to play again, was coming back and not being good and not being successful. I've been in the top three for five years maybe, and I didn't want to come back out here and just be a top 50 player.

"It was important to get off to a good start, because if you start off coming back from an injury not playing well it can sometimes just keep snowballing and you lose all your confidence.

Aug 11th, 2002, 10:20 AM
Joaco,usually i get articles and abstracts from her interview (and pics too) from http://sports.yahoo.com/ten

Aug 11th, 2002, 10:39 AM
Woo-hoo, Lindsay's first final of the year!


http://www.uniquehardware.co.uk/server-smilies/kao/cactus/panm.gifTake The Title, Lindsay!


http://www.uniquehardware.co.uk/server-smilies/kao/otn/pcheerleader.gifCheering for Lindsay!http://www.uniquehardware.co.uk/server-smilies/kao/otn/pcheerleader.gif

Aug 11th, 2002, 11:02 AM
shirley, nice reply! i like ur animation so much n they r so cute~
yeah, real hope tht lindsay could win her first title of this yr and for sure this can help her 2 gain more confidence for the up coming US Open~

:bounce: :bounce: Go, Lindsay! :bounce: :bounce:

Aug 11th, 2002, 03:14 PM
I found a great article @ Orange County newspaper about Chanda and Lindsay <g>

Battling Back from their wounded knees... (http://www.ocregister.com/sports/chase00811cci.shtml)

Battling back from their wounded knees
Davenport advances to face Rubin in the final of the JPMorgan Chase Open.

August 11, 2002

The Orange County Register

MANHATTAN BEACH -- During her seven months of rehabilitation after surgery on her left knee, Lindsay Davenport gave her comeback a lot of thought.

There never was any question she was going to return. Only the whens, wheres and hows needed to be work out.

The when was easy. Her doctor, knee specialist Richard Steadman, told her she would be back on the court in six months.

The where was simple, too; the start of the hardcourt season at Stanford.

The how was the hardest part.

Davenport, once the No. 1 player in the world, didn't want to show up and lose in the first round of a dozen tournaments. She didn't expect greatness right off the bat, but she wanted to be better than an average player.

"My biggest fear was first that I wouldn't be able to come back and second, that I would come back and not be ... good and be successful," Davenport said. "I didn't want to come back out here and be a top-50 player."

There's little chance of that happening. In just her third tournament removed from a hospital bed, Davenport, seeded No. 3, reached the JPMorgan Chase Open final with a 6-3, 6-4 semifinal victory against Ai Sugiyama.

Davenport, of Laguna Beach, plays unseeded Chanda Rubin in today's 11:30 a.m. final at Manhattan Country Club.

Rubin reached her third final of the year with a surprisingly easy victory against No. 4 seed Jelena Dokic, 6-1, 6-2. Dokic showed so little interest in the 41-minute match the crowd began to boo the Yugoslavian's lack of effort.

"Semi-tank mode," Rubin said. "I started off well, but I don't know what was with her. She packed it in when she didn't get ahead right away."

Dokic said she wasn't feeling well. She said she was suffering from the flu, which didn't allow her to "give more than 10 percent physically and mentally." The day before she said she felt fine.

"Physically, I couldn't move. Mentally, I couldn't think the points through," Dokic said.

Like Davenport, Rubin is coming off surgery on her left knee, her second in as many years, by the same doctor who treated Davenport. Unlike Davenport, though, Rubin returned sooner and experienced success quicker, reaching the final in her second tournament.

"It will be the Steadman Challenge, Part II," Davenport quipped. The two met last week in Carlsbad, and Davenport survived a three-setter.

"Dr. Steadman's the man right about now," Rubin said.

Davenport said it was important to get the comeback right immediately, otherwise a player's confidence can slip and snowball into a mountain of uncertainty and doubt.

Yet there's no doubt Davenport's and Rubin's games are on the road to recovery.

Davenport jumped to 5-2 lead in the first and closed the set when Sugiyama blasted a forehand into the net.

The second set played out pretty much the same, except Sugiyama didn't roll over as easily. She broke Davenport, who was serving for the match, to close the lead to 5-3, and then held for 5-4.

Davenport's second attempt to serve for the match was successful, getting Sugiyama to sail a forehand wide on match point.

"It was a good match, but I let the lead slip away at the end," Davenport said. "Luckily I was able to close it out. She played a little bit better than (in) San Diego, though."

Sugiyama hadn't beaten Davenport in six previous tries, including last week at the Acura Classic, where she lost, 6-1, 6-1. It has been nine years of futility.

The only thing Sugiyama can claim is a walkover in 1995, when Davenport withdrew from the semifinals in Oakland.

She learned that Davenport on one surgically repaired knee still is better than most players.

Aug 11th, 2002, 04:55 PM
gossipcom, thankz for ur article. i really hope lindsay can do well here this week~

Go Lindsay~:bounce: :bounce:

Aug 11th, 2002, 05:22 PM
:bounce: Let's Go Lindsay :bounce:

Aug 12th, 2002, 12:12 AM
hmm what was I saying the other day about Lindsay's serve?

In all the articles that were published today she's stated that she was more disgusted with her serve than actually losing the final.

If she can get her serve to get back to at least 75% of what it was like before, she'd be hard to stop - but at the moment I'll leave it up to what she said today:

"I'm disgusted. A lot of my game revolves around my serve and I had zero rhythm."

Aug 12th, 2002, 03:15 AM
thanx Vale! I'll keep that page in mind:)

Leo, I guess there weren't enough bouncies for Lindsay to win the match. I'll have to try harder next time;)


Aug 12th, 2002, 01:05 PM
I love this thread, guys. Lots of positives and confidence in Lindsay.

Well, 2 semis and a final in 3 tournaments on a comeback is pretty good going to me. Next time it will be the title!! (Pilot Pen or shall we say the US OPEN title or being greedy, BOTH).


:eek: :cool: