View Full Version : Rome75k Sf: Garbin(1)b. Dokic(WC) 61 43 RET

Jun 7th, 2008, 12:08 PM
this is the score

Jun 7th, 2008, 12:10 PM

Jun 7th, 2008, 12:11 PM
Jelena :sad: :sad: Hopefully it's not serious!

Jun 7th, 2008, 12:14 PM
What happened?

Jun 7th, 2008, 12:15 PM
What happened?
I don't know

Jun 7th, 2008, 12:19 PM
Jelena :awww: Hopefully nothing serious. However she is playing a lot recently again. Was 5th tournament in 6 weeks.

75k-SF is still a really good result :yeah:

Jun 7th, 2008, 12:19 PM
Poor Jelena, another setback :(.

Tax seems to be playing well especially that first set...good luck to her in the finals

Just Do It
Jun 7th, 2008, 12:26 PM
OMG what happened :eek: I hope Jelena is just tired, which i doubt, because she had a chance to win the 2nd set.

I hope we'll get some news about it.

cn ireland
Jun 7th, 2008, 12:26 PM
Thats tough luck on Jelena, just when she seemed to be putting some good results together :sad:. Hopefully its not too serious.

Well done to Garbin though!

Jun 7th, 2008, 12:27 PM

Jun 7th, 2008, 12:32 PM
:sad: Pleas ebe fit for Wimbledon Jelena :)

Great week reaching the SF of a 75K though :yeah: You should be very proud once again!

So Disrespectful
Jun 7th, 2008, 12:37 PM
It would be different if the score was 6-1 4-1 RET, but it was still close. Obviously she was broken and didn't feel she could continue. I hope this isn't serious. :sad:

Jun 7th, 2008, 01:38 PM
OH LAWD! Please be alright Jelena

jimbo mack
Jun 7th, 2008, 01:44 PM
god, i hope its not serious :(

Jun 7th, 2008, 02:11 PM
Things are slowly coming together for her. A semifinal at a 75k is a good result. hopefully she hasn't picked up an injury, it'd be such a shame.

Jun 7th, 2008, 03:28 PM
Jelena :(

Jun 7th, 2008, 03:33 PM
Hope Jelena is okay. :hug: She's done well again making the SF.

King Aaron
Jun 7th, 2008, 03:54 PM
:unsure: Hope it's nothing serious.

Congratulations Garbin. :)

Jun 7th, 2008, 03:58 PM
Oh my. Jelena doing a Sexy Lexy. :scared:

King Aaron
Jun 7th, 2008, 04:42 PM
Oh my. Jelena doing a Sexy Lexy. :scared:
Only that she's way more sexy and she's got lots more jelly. :o :lol: :tape:

Jun 7th, 2008, 04:53 PM
:hug: Hope it's not a serious injury :unsure:

Jun 7th, 2008, 05:05 PM
Hope it's nothing serious, a 75K SF isn't a bad result! :)

Jun 7th, 2008, 08:57 PM
Nice week for Jelena despite this setback.

I get the sense she probably felt something physically and pulled out because she didn't want to risk getting more injured with Wimbledon coming up. She probably would have played on otherwise. I hope so anyway. I just hope it's minor, she's done so well lately and she deserves what's coming to her recently.

Get better, Jelena. :hearts: Still crossing my fingers that she gets a WC into Wimbledon.

Jun 8th, 2008, 06:57 AM
Is Jelena planning on play any events prior to Wimbledon?

Jun 8th, 2008, 07:01 AM
She's supposed to be in a 25K this coming week but I suspect she'll pull out.

Jun 8th, 2008, 07:22 AM
Really happy to see Tax in the final, but I don't like the score obviously. Hopefully Dokic isn't seriously injured.