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May 3rd, 2008, 09:14 PM
To apply for National Honor Society, I had to write an essay on what good character means to me. Here's what I've come up with (so far):


When people think about good character, usually a few adjectives come to mind: polite, kind, respectful, courteous. But, to me, having these qualities is just one part of being a good character. More importantly, good character is about not only believing in these adjectives but also having the courage to convey them in all aspects of life, with all groups of people.
Anyone can act polite, act kind, act like a good person. They can pretend to be this type of person. These people, though, aren’t good characters for one reason: they don’t believe in the traits they’re portraying. A truly good character is one who feels that these adjectives are the right traits; they don’t want to show these traits to look good, they show them because they feel, deep down, that this is the only way to act. Believing these traits is essential to being a good character, but portraying them is also vital.
In society, people are encouraged to have several different “characters,” they are encouraged to appease everyone. Their friends have one view, their family another, society as a whole a third. Many people change and adjust to conform to each group and act the way that is viewed as “right.” But, the few, the truly good characters, have only one way of acting and one way of life. They’re the ones who’re always kind, always polite and respectful, no matter how they’re being viewed or how those around them are reacting. They’re the ones who treat everyone in this manner, and, more importantly, have the courage to step away from the group to do what is right and what they believe is right.
So, to me, good character isn’t about adjectives, it’s about morals. It’s not about looking polite, kind, respectful, or courteous, it’s about wanting to live a polite, kind, respectful, and courteous life. A good character is someone who not only portrays the adjectives describing character but also believes in them. A good character is someone who has the courage to stand up against the masses to make sure that their ideals, their traits, and their good characteristics are always being shown, to everyone and with everyone.


This is by no means final.. It's still in its infancy. I plan on making the greatest essay my school has ever seen. So I'm looking for thoughts, ideas, criticism... Criticism especially.