View Full Version : The Pope in the USA

Apr 25th, 2008, 04:07 PM
I give him credit for one thing: trying to address the decades old
sexual abuse of children by some priests and church employees.

He did more in a few days, than the previous Pope (who was limited due
to his poor health), and Pope staff did, in the past decade.

I hope he keeps that up. The Church should do a lot more, and publicly
make amends, at any opportunity it is provided, or can create.

The victims deserve that.

He seemed to genuinely be delighted in the fact Americans have faith, and
aren't afraid to show it. In fact, many, millions, will proudly, happily,
lovingly, show up to represent it.

America isn't Europe, when it comes to faith and religion. Where in Europe
religion has been downplayed by Non-Muslims for several decades, as being
so shallow and peasant. It continues to fight against the liberal intellectual
mindset, and grows.

I may not agree w/the Catholic Church on many things, nor what the past
child abuse scandal grew from, or has done to so many w/o proper correction
w/i the church, and in court.

The NYC and DC services were great. As was the visit with the youth.

The White House event was probably the best public event the White House
has had in over 10 years, for anyone.