View Full Version : Al Queda Chief Mad Muslims Aren't Supporting Insurgency in Iraq & Elsewhere More

Apr 23rd, 2008, 06:18 PM
I hate it when that happens.
Al Queda's Al Zawhari (whatever his name is) - the cartoonish looking fellow
with the white beard and turban and glasses, and great production team that
puts out his regular Al Jazeera videos to blast the USA...is really mad.

The Muslims are not supporting the insurgency against the infidel Americans
and Jews in Iraq and Israel and the Palestinian territory more!

No, the Muslim population is not doing what so many said they were, and are,
gathering up in millions and millions to be terrorists and insurgents and
thugs and murderers.

Al Queda is mad.
They're going to hold their breath.

Maybe it was because so many have seen and felt first hand the murdering and
rapist ways of Al Queda - killing Muslim kids, women, men, old folks, for no
reason...in markets, schools, banks, on the bus, at weddings, at funerals....
in Iraq and elsewhere. Al Queda has been its own worst PR machine - killing
people for no reason, people who are Muslim, unarmed, will not earn you support.

The American and Iraq formed new govt. is doing better than it is given credit for -
in terrible circumstances, and tough times. But, this story will get little
credit or coverage in the news. It should be the top story.

Al Queda is mad they're not doing better.