View Full Version : Tennis, 10 years from now!?

Apr 20th, 2008, 12:53 PM
What do you think tennis will look like 10 years from now?

Will it still be hardhitters or more technical players? Netplayers, fast runners, big servers?

What do you think, I'm curious.

Apr 20th, 2008, 01:54 PM
I have thought of that before :lol:
In the past 1 or 2 decades the game has obviously changed from slower pace to a faster one. Now EVERYONE work on hitting the ball harder or with greater accuracy, and it seems like this one-dimensional atmosphere is not going to stop. But I can't imagine if women games change into a even more hardhitting and (boring) style..

So You Say
Apr 20th, 2008, 01:57 PM
Possibly an extra slam, in Asia.

Mateo Mathieu
Apr 20th, 2008, 02:03 PM
I'll stop watch tennis if they continue brainless ballbashing.

Apr 20th, 2008, 02:06 PM
Hopefully another Hingis-type will come along and take it away from the power hitters again. But it's unlikely that will happen.

Mina Vagante
Apr 20th, 2008, 02:06 PM
I love ballbashing. Serena vs Maira is just :hearts:. The way tennis is meant to be played :p Heres to ten more years of ball bashing :D

Apr 20th, 2008, 02:36 PM
Patty will still be here :lol:

Apr 20th, 2008, 03:08 PM
Patty will still be here :lol:

Hahaha Lindsay too whilst baby agassi, clijsters, sampras and davenport start out in juniors :worship:

Apr 20th, 2008, 03:15 PM
^LOL 20 years from now we'll have the first ever mother-daughter final. Lindsay against her daughter. The daughter she is now pregnant with.

Imagine her daughter congratulating "Mom" for a great tournament.

Apr 20th, 2008, 04:19 PM
I think the game will change a little bit. Players like Federer and Justin have changed been prime examples of different tennis. Still powerful but still a lot of angles and slice and spin. Same with Nadal. Big hitting will be common but I think it will change. a little.

Apr 20th, 2008, 04:30 PM
Im sure it'll still be heavy hitting, but players will mix it up more... i mean look at Sharapova against serena she kept throwin in the drop shots (ill advised drop shots, but drop shots none the less) Serena also mixes it up well these days..... Im sure you'll still have your mindless ball bashers like sania Mirza running around, but the game of the ball bashers has changed alot already look at how Venus won her first Wimbledon Title to how she won her 4th....

Apr 20th, 2008, 04:30 PM
I miss 3-4 years ago...2005 was good Tennis

Sam L
Apr 20th, 2008, 04:38 PM
I'll stop watch tennis if they continue brainless ballbashing.

If it becomes like Ping Pong, I'll quit too.

Apr 20th, 2008, 04:41 PM
Janković will probably make a comeback playing "only" 25 tournaments that year.

Apr 20th, 2008, 04:50 PM
^25 Tier III's and Tier IV's :worship: Plus the ITF events since she just loves to play so much so she's filling in the off-season by playing ITF.

Apr 20th, 2008, 04:52 PM
Mother daughter final :hearts: What an exciting prospect :inlove: