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Mar 29th, 2008, 03:56 AM
Stanford has currently lost 4 times this year, which is more than they usually lose in 3-4 years. Granted 3 of the 4 loses have been 4-3 decisions, there is something wrong with the Stanford picture. Which begs the question why? Here's the breakdown of their 4 loses.

Doubles: In their 4 dual loses, they have won the doubles point only ONCE (against Georgia Tech)
At No. 1 #27 Hilary Barte/Lindsay Burdette are 1-3 (Win over GT)
At No. 2 #37 Whitney Deason/Jessica Nguyen are 1-4 (Win over GT)
At No. 3 Celia Durkin/Carolyn McVeigh are 2-2 (Win over UCLA, Cal)

Coming into this year, we knew that doubles would be a weak point for Stanford. Usually they can make it up in singles since they consistently get the best players in the nation year in and year out. But the problem is they haven't been able to tally those 4 singles win. They have split the singles with every team loss except for Cal who won 5-1 in singles. Here's the breakdown of Stanford's singles players with the position they won/lost at.

Hilary Barte 3-1
Wins: No. 1 ASU, No. 1 UCLA, No. 3 GT
Loses: No. 3 Cal

Jessica Nguyen 1-3
Wins: No. 2 Cal
Loses: No. 2 ASU, No. 2 UCLA, No. 2 GT

Celia Durkin 2-2
Wins: No. 4 UCLA, No. 4 GT
Losses: No. 3 ASU, No. 4 Cal

Lindsay Burdette 0-4
Wins: NONE
Loses: No. 4 ASU, No. 3 UCLA, No. 1 Cal, No. 1 GT

Whitney Deason 1-3
Wins: No. 5 ASU
Loses: No. 5 Cal, No. 5 UCLA, No. 5 GT

Carolyn McVeigh 1-2
Wins: No. 6 ASU
Loses: No. 6 Cal, No. 6 GT

Lejla Hodzic 1-0
Wins: No. 6 UCLA
Loses: NONE

Mar 30th, 2008, 02:35 PM
I knew Stanford would be in trouble this year with Logan and Yelsey graduating. I've been super busy, so haven't been following the team like I would normally...I just found out last night they lost to ASU. First time in 25 years, or something like that.

Hopefully I'll be able to catch a match live in the next couple of weeks.

Mar 30th, 2008, 06:50 PM
For those of you wondering, the last time Stanford lost 4 dual matches in a season was 1987, twenty years ago.

Mar 30th, 2008, 08:36 PM
And Stanford still has 3 more difficult matches this year, so they may very well end up losing more than four. Tennisace, when was the last time that happened?