View Full Version : Where's the Juice Serena?

Jan 22nd, 2008, 06:48 AM
She's got no pop in her shots against the top 5, neither the forehand nor the backhand. It's been like this since Miami, and even then she's been floating the balls.
I can't understand what's going through her mind. She must see how Venus is striking the ball with so much authority. At first, I also thought it was the movement, taking the small steps to get prepared. It isn't there yet, but even when she's in a position to strike the ball, her shots don't penetrate.
Probably confidence because she can bring it to lesser players, but she's got nothing against the top.
Maybe it because she's blessed with the best serve in woman's tennis, but that won't cut it when it not on and she's got NOTHING to fall back on, nor when Justine stand five behind the baseline to return.

That being said, I really do hope she works on her GROUNDGAME between now and Roland Garros. I think her confidence comes from her fitness (getting there, not there yet) and her strokes (to be unseen).

If this embarassement doesn't motivate her, then watching VENUS win the title hopefully will.