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Jan 14th, 2008, 02:06 PM
Jankovic def Paszek 2-6 6-2 12-10

This was the first match I saw, and it ended up taking the whole morning. Jankovic was playing absolutely terrible, she hit so many DFs and missed many easy shots! Her serve was piss weak too. Paszek easily won the first set and had break points on two early Jankovic service games but couldnít convert them, and was broken herself. Jankovic improved her play in the 2nd set and was able to take it easily. However Jankovicís game went shit again from the start of the 3rd set, and Paszek went up 4-1, and had points for 5-1 but choked. Then at 5-3 Paszek had match point and hit about 3 good shots in that point, but Jankovic scraped them back then hit an amazing BH winner to save the match. The best tennis of the match was around when Paszek had her first match point, at all other times the quality was pretty bad. It went back to 5-5 and after that they just kept breaking each other and it kept going on forever as both were choking and seemed like no one wanted to win! Jankovic took an injury timeout for her back to be massaged late in the 3rd set. Many people thought this was gamesmanship. I noticed she had been stretching her back before then, but it didnít appear to affect her game. A few games later Paszek also took a timeout for her leg, and I hadnít noticed anything wrong with her, so she could have been playing games too. Anyway she played one bad game to lose serve and the match. Jelena fought so hard to win, but Paszek really should have won this as she had so many chances and played better for most of the match.

Vaidisova def Olaru 6-3 6-0

This was one of the last matches to finish, they were playing in the dark and the cold at around 9.30pm. Nicole was in great form, she was hitting so hard and consistently, and overpowered Olaru, who didnít really do much wrong.

Hsieh def Zakopalova 2-6 6-4 8-6

This was a poor match, most points were UEs. Hsieh would hit some great BHs but then make easy UEs after that. Klara was being a sook as usual and looked so depressed. Hsieh was up 5-3 in the 3rd but choked, and then Klara was up 6-5 and serving for the match but couldnít win it. Then Hsieh held serve and Klara led on her next service game but Hsieh produced a few return BH winners down the line to win the match. Klaraís game looks pretty crap now compared to a few years ago, I donít think she hits as consistently hard and has a crappy serve. Hsieh is good but so inconsistent.

Vesnina def Vakulenko 6-4 1-6 6-4

I only saw the last few games of this, but Vesnina looked to be playing very well and was very focused.

Perebiynis def Brengle 7-5 6-2

Brengle is a solid player but has no really big weapons, she was overpowered by Perebiynis who played well. Brengle was always talking to herself.

Bammer def Tanasugarn

This was the last womens match to finish, played in the night. It was very cold and I think this bothered Tammy, as she had some sniffles. Tammy was playing well in this match. She was the aggressor, and Bammer was just playing her consistent game. Tammy went to a 5-2 lead, but after that Bammer just did not miss any shots, and was so consistent. She levelled the score as Tammy would always be the one to make the UE first in the rally. I was sure Tammy would lose when it came to 5-5, but Tammy fought hard to win the TB after Bammer double faulted on her set point. At 4-4 in the 2nd set Tammy had chances to break again, but Bammer saved the bps with some great consistent play. When Bammer served for the set Tammy again had 15-40 but Bammer played great to come back and win the game. Bammer got every single ball back and would not give Tammy anything, and Tammy would eventually make the UE. Bammer looked so fit, she was so toned and had more muscles than I thought existed! I had to leave after the 2nd set. Daniel Koellerer was watching this match for a bit, and two very loud Austrian guys were supporting Bammer.

Pennetta def Cibulkova 6-4 5-7 6-4

This was a high quality encounter, and both players were evenly matched. They hit the ball hard and consistently, and had very good rallies. I saw the 3rd set and Cibulkova had the momentum early on and got an early break, but Pennetta broke back. It continued with serve and at 4-4 there was a very long game on Flaviaís serve with many deuces and both players having points to win. On Cibulkovaís break points Flavia stayed tough, hitting winners and aces. She eventually won the game, and had the momentum, and this was enough to break Cibulkova in the next game for the match. There was really nothing between the players and I think Cibulkova would have won against a lot of other players in the draw, but was unlucky.

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