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Jan 13th, 2008, 12:00 PM
On Thursday and Friday I didnt see much as I could only go after work, but I stayed the whole day on Saturday. Will post pics later.


Tanasugarn def South 6-3 3-6 6-2

I saw the end of the first set and the 2nd set. Tammy wasnít playing her best, and South was playing really bad in the first set but picked up her game in the 2nd set and hit a few good shots to gain confidence and the break, while Tammyís level dropped. I left when South was 5-2 up in the 2nd set.

Radwanska def Brianti 6-3 6-2

Brianti played like shit and U Rad played pretty well. She has nice looking groundstrokes, but needs to calm the fuck down as she always looked negative and pissed off, and had bad body language even when she was up 6-3 5-1. You would have thought she was losing and not winning.


Llagostera Vives def Gagliardi 3-6 6-3 6-3

Gagliardiís game didnít look very good, she didnít have much power on her groundies and wasnít very consistent but she was fighting hard at the end and pumping herself up after every point. Nuria was too consistent for her though.

Zhang def Baltacha 6-4 6-1

Just saw the last few games of this. Zhang was absolutely belting the ball so hard and consistently, especially her backhand which is a killer shot. I was really impressed with Zhang, she has improved her consistency from last year. Baltacha played like shit and hit just about every ball long.

Yakimova def Ye Ra Lee 6-1 7-6(6)

I saw the 2nd set of this, it was a tight contest which was fun to watch. Both players donít have any weapons but are fast and have excellent defense. This meant that every point was very long, at least 10 hit rallies as they just couldnít get the ball past each other, and as they were such great scramblers, they got every single ball back deep. Neither would make an unforced error, so they had to play long points to manoeuvre each other out of position. Yakimovaís advantage was that she had more variety, particularly her excellent drop shot, and she won the point every time she tried this as Lee was great moving side to side but didnít like moving forward. Lee came really close to taking the set and served for the 2nd set however this didnít really mean anything as they both had crap serves and broke each other all the time anyway.

Arina Rodionova def Hwang 6-2 6-2

Hwang had pretty good groundstrokes and hit with a lot of pace, but she was struggling with a knee injury, and had her knee taped. This obviously hindered her movement and she made a lot of UEs. Arina didnít look like a good player, Iíve got no idea how she made it into this draw. She doesnít hit the ball hard, and isnít really that good a retriever, there was nothing in her game that impressed me. All she really needed to do was get the ball back into play to beat Hwang today. She was hugged by Anastasia Rodionova and a guy who I think was Anastasiaís bf after the match.


Domachowska def Morita 6-3 6-4

This was a very good match. Both players played well, and hit the ball so hard and consistently. Morita is very speedy, and Marta was playing her best. She hit so hard and hardly made any UEs. Marta could beat everyone in the qualifying draw playing like that and I think she will make it back to the top 50 at least if she keeps it up. Both these players deserved to qualify and Morita fought well and made it close but was unlucky she didnít get an easier opponent, like most of the other players in this round.

Schruff def U Radwanska 6-3 6-0

Easy match for Schruff, she was way too consistent for Radwanska and too much variety. Radwanska questioned lots of line calls, got angry and made loads of UEs. Urszula has a similar game to Aga she just needs to improve mentally and be more consistent to get to the top 100.

Yuan def OíBrien 6-4 6-2

This match was full of long gruelling rallies. Meng was playing her usual game and pushing the ball back consistently. Katie doesnít really have major weapons but she was dictating all the time, and made lots more winners but also lots more UEs. Both were making so much effort and grunting really loudly, and almost every game was hard fought with many deuces. Meng was up 5-2 in the first set but Katie fought hard and won a few long games to get to 5-4 but Meng managed to finish it off. Katie had an early break in the 2nd set but Meng came back to win. Meng has a new haircut, a really short man-style cut which doesnít look good on her.

Tanasugarn def Zhang 3-6 6-3 6-3

This was the match of the day. Itís rare for me to watch a whole match in qualifying, but I did here because it was such good quality. Both were hitting the ball very hard and there were many great rallies. They had powerful groundstrokes and also came up with great defense, with a few incredible winners on full run. Both were returning especially well, and I canít count how many great returns were hit. Zhangís backhand is an awesome shot and Tammy was hitting so flat and cleanly. Tammy was much better in this match than in her first round against South. Both players deserved to be in the main draw but Tammy managed to get the better of Zhang in the end. She was supported by Danai Udomchoke, who went straight over to watch her match after he lost his, and many Thai fans, who all got their picture taken with her afterwards. I think both players will make the top 100 this year if they can keep up their form.

Kloesel def Manesieva 6-2 3-6 8-6

I just saw the 3rd set from about 4-4. It was a pretty poor match, most points were quick UEs. Kloesel seemed like the better player, but just wasnít playing well and choked a lot. She had more pace on her groundstrokes and wasnít afraid to go to the net and hit some good volleys. Manasieva didnít really impress me, shes just a mediocre baseliner with no major weapons, and isnít very good mentally. She seemed to give up the last game with a few easy errors.

Hsieh def Zec Peskiric 6-4 6-0

Just saw the last few games, Su Wei raced through, she played awesome and hardly missed. Zec Peskiric looked like she was crying and hardly won a point.

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Thank you. :D Are you going the park another day? :)

Will go Monday and Thursday of the first week.

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Thanks. You did not see Dokic ?

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did you catch anything of Niculescu?

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thanks :) :)

did you catch anything of Niculescu?

No, I wanted to but didn't get a chance between watching Tammy-Zhang and Kloesel-Manasieva. Hopefully she'll last till Thursday so I can see her!

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Thanks. You did not see Dokic ?


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Masa seems to cry a lot:help: Solution: Win more matches:lol: