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Dec 4th, 2007, 10:29 PM
Designers Doing Double-Time With Non-Fashion Ads

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

By Rosemary Feitelberg

Having your designs featured in a non-fashion company's advertising may sound like a dicey venture, but a few ready-to-wear designers see it as a new way of branding.

While forking over the money for a signature campaign may cost millions, a few have managed to get national exposure by piggybacking on another company's efforts, but not all have been pleased with the final outcome.

TV watchers can catch tennis star Serena Williams giving her Aneres clothing line a major plug on an HP commercial — so much so that the 90-second spot closes with a close-up of her midsection in one of her designs and "ANERES" stretched across the screen. The national spot seems disproportionate to the business. Launched in 2004, the label — which is Williams' first name spelled backward — is sold in only four or five specialty stores.

"We wanted to create a lot of buzz before going exclusive with one major retailer," said Aneres' general manager, David Tomassoni. "We've been doing more advertising and lots of charity events because the fashion industry is quite difficult, especially for celebrity designers. A lot of celebrities have failed."

Aneres has lined up an exclusive deal with a chain that will be announced at the end of next month, he said.

The HP commercial — which aired internationally — helped drum up so much interest that Aneres had to have the phone number listed on its Web site disconnected because the calls were too distracting to employees, Tomassoni said. "We were going crazy with the phones," he said, calling from the company's nonpublished number.

Monthly hits at the company's Web site also soared to one million from 300,000, he added. Now Aneres is gearing up for its big news with three locations to meet with prospective buyers, including a showroom in Jupiter, Fla., not far from where Williams lives, and a Los Angeles office. When needed, the brand rents a temporary space in New York, Tomassoni said.

Williams, who is launching an Aneres intimates collection with Blue Intimates and a fragrance, also singles out her on-court sponsor, Nike, in the HP commercial. She gives viewers a preview of one of the designs she is working on for the Beaverton, Ore.-based sneaker giant.

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they are really competetive,I wish they carry that competetiveness to the courts like between 2000-2002,those were the days:bounce:

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