View Full Version : OMIGOD! Help me! I am going to cry! Seriously!

Gonzo Hates Me!
Jul 22nd, 2002, 07:34 AM
I am going to cry because I am in an oblivion! I don't know anything going on in tennis! I watched 2 and half Wimbledon matches. 2 and a half! I am so out of the news! The last news I heard about Kim was during Roland Garros--when she lost!!!

Can you guys just tell me everything in a quickie that has happened since then! I know it's a lot, but there are a lot of Kim fans here, and if someone forgets something, someone else can say something else. You don't have to remember everything!

I don't even know what this picture is of: http://photos.wtastarz.com/data/1bri-wimb02pic469.jpg

and it is the most beautiful look Kim has had. Please, I am welcome to any Lletyon news too. He is apart of the package. Thanks!


Jul 22nd, 2002, 11:01 AM
:wavey: Calm down Nwan-lol!!

Well after the Roland Garros Exit Kim had a break she stayed with Lleyton until he went out in the 4th Round. They went to Euro disney :) She also split with coach Carl Maes. Then next was Queens-She went there with Lleyton again (She won the wives & girlfriends tennis competition!) Lleyton won Queens, then it was practise for Wimbledon. She went to Rosmalen and lost in the Quarters to Tina Pisnik 7-6,6-2. Wimbledon came she beat Samatha Reeves in the 1st Round but lost to Elena Likhovtseva in the 2nd. She stayed on at Wimbledon to support Lleyton. Lleyton of course went onto win and that picture you attached nwan is from the Wimbledon Champions Ball. Since then they travelled to Bree to stay at Kim's home and now Kim is playing Stanford this week. Hope that helps!


Gonzo Hates Me!
Jul 23rd, 2002, 12:51 AM
A LOT! Thanks Cilla! Kisses :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: