View Full Version : Lakers Soap Opera - Trade Kobe & Bynum please

Oct 31st, 2007, 09:56 PM
Andrew Bynum, the guy the Lakers are pinning their future on,
was over an hour late to the first game of the season. Nice.
He said there was traffic. He lives 12 miles away from the
Staple Center. Okay.

Andrew, get a driver.

Lakers first game - Lamar Odom is out, he had a car accident, and got
a concussion. Good start. Andrew Bynum showed up very late to the game.
Good start. Owner Jerry Buss was told to stay away from 2 or 3 games by
STern for his DUI conviction. Kobe is booed when he steps on the court.

A fantastic day in LA for the Lakers!

Oh yeah, the Dodgers stole a lot of their thunder, by setting up the stage
for Joe Torre, and losing old Grady Little (Forest Gump Jr.).

He's a good player. Very young. No college experience.
But, he also is lazy as get all. He is lethargic. He has
no work ethic. He doesn't really care much about the team.

Without that, all the hype and potential amounts to nothing.
Give Kobe credit for one thing: he called out Bynum for being
lazy over a year ago, and this summer, and he was right.
Should have said that to Bynum and ownership, not the papers

Trade Bynum, the so called Baby Shaq, package it w/Kobe, and get
those kids from Chicago, and an All Star elsewhere.

Kobe was booed in LA on the first game. Good. He was cheered by
the end. But, guess what Kobe, fans get it. You're not happy w/your job.
So what? Most people aren't, and they don't get paid millions a year.

Send him to some sad team, let him be the star, and he can whine again
in about 2 years that he's not happy.

Bottom line is that the Lakers will not win a title w/Kobe in the next two years.
They will not win one without him in the next 2 years.

Nov 1st, 2007, 03:24 AM
You can't get 60 cents on the dollar for Kobe in a trade with Chicago. They will NOT give up Loul Deng. Face it. Kobe is going to do two more years of hard time in L.A., and then walk, and you get nothing for him.

Black Mamba.
Nov 1st, 2007, 06:10 AM
There have been tons of rumors so I'll wait and see. A three team trade almost went down toady so who knows. I think if the there was three team trade and the Lakers got Gordon, Artest, and some draft picks they should jump on that. Here is a pic from laker fans