View Full Version : Serena busts a move in Moscow!!!! (Blog Udate)

Oct 16th, 2007, 01:20 AM
I mean, update. (sawry the martinis are talking.lol.)
Hey Guys,

I made it to Zurich!!!

I had so much fun in Moscow. I ended up going out to a club in Russia that plays hip hop music! Can u believe??? It was tons of fun. I loooove to dance it’s one of my fav past times.... I like watching the videos and learning new moves from the dancers. Then I try them when I go out!! Haha I'm not that good but I really do my best... It’s tons of fun.

Anyways the club was fun and I had to catch a flight at 7am and I had to leave my hotel by 4:15 because the airport was so far away. It was good we left early because the lady that was doing the tickets and checking us in was such a completely jerk. I mean she kept telling me my CARRYON was too heavy!!! Can u believe? So what did I do? I had to remain calm. I was ready to leave Russia so I new if I wanted to get out I was gonna have to be calm... So I kept calm and told her I could not lighten my load (my dogs was in there). She told me that was not her concern. "Not her concern" and I had to lighten the load. She kept telling me that this was not her concern and that was not her concern, so finally I told her "look I don't think CONCERN is the opportune word. The costumer is always right u can't use this word. It’s not the right word." She did not say that word again. Thank God because y’all don't know me cause I from Compton and I was "this" close from showing her what it’s like in Compton. But if I did that I would not have made it to Zurich where I am now....

Ok I did not go to sleep I went to airport and now I have been up 36 hrs. I am so tired.
I'm sorry there is no new video diary guys I have not been able to send one from overseas. But as soon as I can get back I will send another and more! I know y’all miss my face lol!!!

Ok well I ttyl and keep reading the blogs! I love u all


Looks like she truly did have fun in Moscow, perhaps she left her tennis moves @ the hip-hop club? :bounce: :bounce: Anyhoo, please remain calm Serena, the last thing you wanna be is in a Russian prison!!!!

The Daviator
Oct 16th, 2007, 01:33 AM
LMAO! Someone needs to post this in GM :lol:

'The costumer is always right' :tape:

Oct 16th, 2007, 02:49 AM
Serena is a trip :lol: You panic when you leave with more than what you came with lol. What to get rid of - the hard question. I am happy she had fun. I think Serena taking some of the experience from the city and also her progress will work for her and hopefully work for her on the court.

Oct 16th, 2007, 03:19 AM
just great!! lmao!! :spit: