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Dec 23rd, 2001, 03:13 PM
Schedule 2002:


31/12-06/01/02: A & P Classics Brisbane(Aus) Tier 2; H; OD $725.000 <br />07/01-13/01/02: Hopman Championships Perth(Aus) Tier 1; H; ID 1.080.000 <br />21/01-27/01/02: Croatian Open Bol(Cro) Tier 3; H; ID $535.000

<br />February

04/02-10/02/02: Juan Carlos Hardcourt Cup Barcelona(Esp) Tier 3; H; ID 535.000<br />18/02-24/02/02: Pacific Championships Tokyo(Jpn) Tier 2; CA; ID $725.000<br />25/02/02-03/03/02: Japan Open Kobe(Jpn) Tier 1; CA; ID $1.080.000

<br />March

04/03-10/03/02: Mexican Open Acapulco(Mex) Tier 1; H; ID $1.080.000<br />18/03-24/03/02: Bulgarian Tennismasters Sofia(Bul) Tier 2; CA; OD $725.000<br />25/03-31/03/02: Simandwin Tennisopen Harare(Sim) Tier 3 G; OD 535.000

<br />April

01/04-07/04/02: Wilson-Pen Manila(Phi) Tier 2; G; OD 725.000<br />08/04-14/04/02: Winandtake Tennisopen Mexico City(Mex) Tier 3 C; OD 535.000<br />22/04-03/05/02: European Mixed Championships Nice(Fra) EM C; 3.700.000

<br />May

06/05-12/05/02: Critia Croatia Cup Zagreb(Cro) Tier 1 C; OD 1.080.000<br />13/05-19/05/02: BMW Open Munich(Ger) Tier 2 C; OD 750.000<br />20/05-26/05/02: Czech Classics Brunno(Cze) Tier 3 H; OD 535.000

<br />June

03/06-09/06/02: Italian Open Rome(Ita) Tier 2 H; OD 725.000<br />10/06-16/06/02: Lawn Championships Leeds(Gbr) Tier 1 G; OD 1.080.000<br />24/06-30/06/02: England Open Liverpool(Gbr) Tier 3 G; OD 535.000

<br />July

08/07-14/07/02: French Open Paris(Fra) Tier 1 H; OD 1.080.000<br />15/07-21/07/02: Canadian Open Toronto(Can) Tier 2 H; OD 750.000<br />22/07-28/07/02: Canadian Tennis Series Quebec(Can) Tier 3 H; OD 535.000

<br />August

26/08-08/09/02: Mixed World Masters St. Petersburg(Rus) WM; OD 4.500.000

<br />September

16/09-22/09/02: South Carolina Classics Myrtle Beach(Usa) Tier 2 H; OD 750.000<br />23/09-29/09/02: Engholm Petterson Cup Stokholm(Swe) Tier 1 CA; ID $1.080.000

<br />October

07/10-13/10/02: Vienna Championships Vienna(Aut) Tier 3 CA; ID 535.000<br />14/10-20/10/02: International Toblerone Tennis Open Zurich(Sui) Tier 2 CA; ID 750.000<br />21/10-27/10/02: Russian Tennis Cup Moscow(Rus) Tier 1 CA; ID 1.080.000

<br />November

04/11-10/11/02: German Open Frankfurt(Ger) Tier 1 CA; ID 1.080.000<br />18/11-24/11/02: Polland's Tennis Challenge Warsaw(Pol) Tier 2 CA; ID 750.000<br />25/11-01/12/02: USA Today Cup New York(Usa) Tier 3 CA; 535.000

<br />December

02/12-08/12/02: Kommerzni Banka Internationals Prague(Cze) Tier 2 HC; ID 750.000<br />09/12-15/12/02: Thai Open Nakhon Sawan(Tha) Tier 1 CA; ID 1.080.000<br />16/12-22/12/02: International Christmas Challenge Caracas(Ven) HD; ID 535.000

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Dec 23rd, 2001, 04:21 PM
Wales pulls out of MTT forever!

Dec 23rd, 2001, 04:34 PM
bei wievielen turnieren kann ich spielen?

Dec 23rd, 2001, 05:19 PM
Wales pulls out <img src="graemlins/sad.gif" border="0" alt="[Sad]" /> why??? <img src="graemlins/sad.gif" border="0" alt="[Sad]" /> <img src="graemlins/sad.gif" border="0" alt="[Sad]" /> <img src="graemlins/sad.gif" border="0" alt="[Sad]" />

MTT has got NO tournament restriction!!! You can play in all tournaments (but you have to sign in for tournaments and send points!!!)

Rankings: All teams will start with 0 points next season (it is like the Champion Race)

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Dec 26th, 2001, 08:15 AM


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Mateo Mathieu
Dec 26th, 2001, 11:23 AM
Belarus planning for last tournament in Perth!

Dec 26th, 2001, 03:23 PM
Venezuela in!!!

Dec 29th, 2001, 03:55 PM
No tournament in POland! <img src="frown.gif" border="0"> <img src="frown.gif" border="0"> , When are points due by for Brisbane?

Dec 31st, 2001, 03:06 AM
Due to a lack of funding and Poland's very poor play since its inception into MTT, Poland will pull out of MTT after the Brisbane tournament. Details to follow. <img src="graemlins/sad.gif" border="0" alt="[Sad]" />

Dec 31st, 2001, 04:33 PM
Poland's MTT coach: Julia Januszewicz-Daskovic has postponed Poland's decision to quit MTT. Future funding and other issues are being discussed. <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"> Btw, its Warsaw. <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

Dec 31st, 2001, 11:30 PM
MTT Poland's press release:

Coach Julia Januszewicz-Daskovic:

"After initial problems and circumstances, Poland was to pull out of MTT. However, after increased funding from the PTF (Polish Tennis Federation), Poland will be able to continue to play MTT, although we do not know for how long. With a 2-10 record, Poland has been very poor in the league. This is why Poland's womens player Gianna Adrianna Dulko will resign from the league. She wishes her team well, but she would like to concentrate on her now growing FWTT career. REplacing her is VWTT player Julia Jans. Dulko's present boyfriend and MTT mens player Jan-Marc Dombrowski will remain in MTT as he has only lost one match. Dombrowski receives a $40,000 a year salary, with Jans at $21,000. Dombrowski is 19 years old while Jans is only 15. We wish them all the best and hope POland will have winning ways. I will remain as head coach, with Jan Strka as assistant coach. Pawel Podgornik, former trainer, will be replaced by Pawel Paszerski. Podgornik has gone on to work with POlish Junior Katarina K-Molik. We apologize to the MTT organizers for any incovenience caused."