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Jul 15th, 2002, 03:59 PM
For you Queen O ;-)

I arrived at the grounds just before midday, as i wanted to soak up the atmosphere. However, there was no real buss around the place like i expected. :? I walked around the grounds and i saw the BBC broadcasters interviewing people willing to talk about the final. So i volunterred said 'I was very much looking towards the final and it's great for Womens tennis that bar in tennis has been raised another level by the sisters' but then she asked me if i thought people would get bored if they kept dominating. So i said 'Did people get bored when Steffi and Monica were dominating' I was later told by my friends i didn't get on the T.V...i wonder why It seemed like they wanted negative responses and they sure weren't going to get that from me

After I finished lunch, I decided to see who was praticing on the outside courts. As i was approaching the court, I noticed a huge crowd was starting to gather. It then hit me who could generate such fuss, i got a peak and saw Anna 'i can't buy a win' hitting with what looked like her coach. I was eating a banana at the the time and i pondering whether to slip it on the court because she was due to play the sisters in the doubles later that day. But i don't think Vee and Rena need any extra help

It was getting so close to the main event and i began to get really nervous. I was started to get goose pimples and my heart was poundering furiously. We entered the court and i was sitting quite close to the front. There was sort of an eerie sort of atmosphere, i suppose the crowd had no one to support. There was no real underdog and i suppose a casual fan can't really tell the diference between the two. I overheard people talking behind me in their posh voices unk saying things like 'I wonder who the dad decided to win today' which really was pissing me off.

It was appraoching 2.00pm and people were still making their way to their seats Then the annoucer said that Vee and Rena were ready to come on the court. Although, as they were coming a latecomer was passing through and i couldn't see for a moment (I just wanted to drag him to his seat myself )

They were on court and both looking so beautiful, they both command your attention, its incredible. Your eyes are just transfixed towards them, its like a magnet. I can't exactly rememeber but i think a boy from a children's charity tossed the coin for the umpire, Vee won it and elected to serve. They took some photos and then they started their warm up, the force at with the ball is hit is amazing. When you watch it on the T.V the camera angle doesn't allow you to see from side on. They were like bullets going back and forth. Just from the first service game i was getting a headache and neckache

Obviously, we all know what happened, but i just couldn't believe how defensive Vee was playing. Serena was the aggressor and i just knew it was going to be her day when Vee kept with same game plan at the start of the second set. I had never seen Vee running all around the court like that, it was like Serena had her on a pupper string. I did notice when Vee was at the chair she kept feeling her shoulder. I kept looking at the little speed gun and her serves were no where near the speed I am used to seeing. I suppose that could be the reason for the difficulty in holding her serves because there didn't seem to be any bite on it. Rena just butchered the returns down-the-line and crosscourt all match.

The crowd were very subdued but at times they had to give applause for some of the amazing rallies and retrives from both girls. This is the future and they better had get used to it.

On match point, the crowd tried to lift Vee but it was too late... when Serena won it I stood up and clapped. Others started to follow and give a standing ovation.

It was on to the presentation ceremony and i think the crowd really appreaciated Vee's speech, she had most of us in stitches. I hope they are starting to warm to the girls I took a few pictures when Rena parading around the court with trophy and Vee looked so happy for her...And as long as they both our happy then so am I.

Jul 16th, 2002, 02:42 AM
Thanks for the report MrV, you are lucky!

Williams Rulez
Jul 16th, 2002, 08:10 AM
Thanks for the lovely report.

Jul 17th, 2002, 12:53 AM
Awesome UK.....
:kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: I wish I was there too....