View Full Version : Does anyone know how Cuba's two top players are doing?

Sep 14th, 2007, 09:07 AM
It's really sad to see that Cuba's Yanet Nunez and Yamile Fors have not been able to play any competitive pro tennis this year. Not even FedCup.

They got to go to the PanAm games and did ok but that was it.

Pretty sad considering just a few years ago the duo made that historic moment in a 10k event making it a all-Cuban final. The first in pro tennis of any kind as a matter-of-fact.

Both players have been around a long time and don't have youth on their side for competitive tennis. It's just a shame not to be able to see them compete in more tennis events at least at the Challenger level.

Anyone have any information on them on what their future might be like upcoming tournaments?