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Jul 12th, 2002, 04:14 PM

This message board, Classy Clijsters’ Lounge, is meant for Kim fans, where you can post Kim related articles and pics, and talk about her with other fans.

To keep this an agreeable and interesting ‘Lounge’, please follow a few basic rules of conduct.

* we are here to support Kim, not to slander her (or Lleyton or anyone else for that matter)

* show respect to other posters; we are a Classy Lounge ;), and are Kim fans after all!

* posts have to be in English as it is a Lounge for all Kim fans

And don’t forget to have fun, make new friends and enjoy each other's company!

At your service,

The Moderators
Classy Clijsters’ Lounge

Apr 24th, 2003, 09:02 PM
Mod announcement:

Some general posting matters I'd like to bring up to all posters in CCL:

- Before writing some comments about players, please think of your fellow CCL'ers who might be a fan of these players, so keep some basic respect in your posts. Treat people like you want to be treated.

- Use your language in a decent manner, and pay attention to post in a generally understandable way.

- Giving critics, remarks,... is welcome in here, no problem with that, however, please have respect for fellow CCL'ers, and keep always in mind that this is a Kim fan board.

- Make sure that you use some smilies when you are joking, to avoid misunderstandings as much as possible.

- Respect some order in this forum: only create a new thread when you have an entirely new topic, when there isn't any thread existing that could serve for your post. Post your posts in the related threads, don't just post something just anywhere where it doesn't belong.

- Mods will interfere in posts when posts are not in line with basic decent conduct.

- Mods also interfere when posts are upsetting to Kim fans (this by initiative of CCL'ers asking for action or upon our own initiative) or when posts are containing false information.

- Anyone deliberately posting fake stuff (excl. April 1 of course) will promptly get in trouble with the mods and will not be welcome any longer.

- This doesn't mean that rumours, or articles with questionable content (when you doubt their accuracy) may not be posted any longer to get them discussed. Everyone is entitled to give his opinion about such topics in reply to the post after all.

A lively debate is always welcome and does belong in the Lounge. (and we could do with some lively debate in here!) There is after all a difference between stuff one makes up oneself to fool/scare fans and errors/nonsense that comes from the media.

- Mods can't read each and every post in CCL, (we have a life after all LOL) so if something offensive or questionable doesn't get dealt with by any mod, please do inform us then when you think mods should take action or at least reply to...

- If you see nice pics on Kim's website, DO NOT POST or LINK them here in CCL, as they will be removed, out of respect of the copyright of Kim's website. You can always refer to the pics you'd like to share or talk about after all.

- And then another necessary matter re pics made by Ingrid aka KaseyL:
The pics, screencaps or scans made for CCL (marked by her) are ONLY for CCL, as it costs her time and effort to make them. Please respect this and DON'T use it for any other website without her permission (or you'll get a hell of trouble with her :devil: ).

- As to any other pics/screencaps/scans made by posters for CCL: have the courtesy to NOT use these for any other website either, unless you have the poster's permission.

- A last thing:

This board as a great place to be is only possible as a result of various efforts of CCL'ers.

So please have the courtesy to thank those who provide you with info and take the effort to help you with your questions or whatever you asked for in posts. Keep in mind that they spent sometimes quite some of their private time to help you.

Only a joint team effort of Kim fans to keep this a good and friendly Lounge will keep this place worth visiting.

Thank everyone who contribute in whatever way they can.

To conclude, in good Belgian tradition, "Santé" (=cheers!) to all spending time to help others in here!

*desperately looking mod in search of a beer smilie* :o

Jun 7th, 2004, 01:23 PM
Mod announcement:

Some specific posting matters I'd like to bring up to all posters in CCL:

1. when you're new to CCL and want to make a first post:


2. if you'd like to introduce yourself:

Please use that thread only to present yourself a bit, and to briefly react on what was posted in here.

The thread has been created to find info about posters instead of having to read through pages and pages in the 'first post for newbies' thread, where one can find heaps of welcome posts.

Other or further chat can go on in the 'Just talk thread', where we certainly can use some chatting! ;)

Mar 2nd, 2007, 05:37 PM

I'll do my best to keep on Ingrid's job from now on.
I'm not gonna go through all these rules (a bit too many of them if you ask me...).


Never hesitate to report a post you find offensive, I won't be able to read every single detail all the time. And I'll add that insults or personal attacks will not be tolerated. Posts will be edited or deleted. Those cannot be tolerated in PMs or reps either, so never hesitate to mention if that happens by PM.