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Aug 27th, 2007, 03:57 AM
Welcome all to the FIRST ( of only two, damn Larry Scott ) IN THE FOREST HILLS ZONE THREAD!

Firstly, I must say, this is my favorite tournament of the year as it is basically in my backyard -- 3 minute subway away. And I must say, this year was by far the best field and experience I have ever had. Because of the rain on Tuesday, Forest Hills decided to use TWO courts instead of simply the Center Court ( dividing the first round into two days of 4 matches a piece ). So on Wednesday, I was supposed to get ALL EIGHT first round matches! But a rain delay forced Molik/Morigami and Razzano/Craybas to early Thursday. Because I took the GMATs, a test for graduate school, and had work on Friday, I was not able to attend Forest Hills after the Wednesday but what a Wednesday it was!

Let's begin.
( I will be posting the best picture I have of every player. As well, I will post the links to the slideshows I have of every photo I took of Forest Hills! ;) )

Y.J. Chan vs. [3]G. Dulko.


Chan was EASILY, hands down, the player who impressed me the most. Her game is very explosive and when she is on a roll, her shots are incredibly deep and sharp. After the first set, however, Dulko started to play her typical clay games on the hardcourts and Chan's errors racked up and Dulko snuck her way to the victory. Despite the scoreline, the match was very close.
( Dulko's coach = AMAZING. Unbelievably hot. Moving on. )

E. Likhovtseva vs. [WC]A.Cohen


The first picture says it all. Likhovtseva was struggling the entire match and Audra put up a great fight. The trainer came out at 5-4 in the second with Audra leading. Elena got her ankle/shin taped up and after losing the second, retired. Just like that. Audra, I must say, is the sweetest person!! I fell in love with her. She is amazing. She was so sweet and so real, unlike some of the other players. *Cough*TU*Cough*. She hugged us and let us take two pictures and her autograph was by far the best out of everyone's. She was so happy to have won a round and so happy to be in the US Open. I told her I would go see her match at the Open, knowing I would be going Tuesday but of course, the top half is on Monday. :mad: Sad match for Elena, really. Pretty much sums up her career as of late. She ran off before we could get a signature or a picture. But Audra is now one of my favorite players!

N.Dechy vs. V.Dushevina


This entire match was ALL Dechy. Dushevina just looked so out of it. No emotions, no come ons, no smiles, no anger, nothing. Kind of sad, really. Nathalie was very pumped and this match clearly gave her the confidence to beat Tu. :angel: Dushevina hit way too many errors and Dechy was just too solid from the baseline. Vera clawed back from 1-4 to 5-4 in the second but Dechy woke up and sealed the match.

R.Vinci vs. [2]M.Tu


Right from the beginning of the match, Vinci came out very strong and very solid. I would not be able to tell that Tu has had such a solid year from the first set. Roberta's net play and her forehand are very solid. However, Tu won by using her head and attacking Roberta's backhand. Tu clawed her way back into the match and then bagelled Roberta in the third. Roberta had Tu on the ropes but Tu fought back. Now, everyone claims to love Tu because she is so small, so cute, and so fiesty but uh, she is a total bitch. She was so cold to us and HELLO, we're fellow Americans. She was very short, very cold, and nasty. My brother and I really wanted Vinci to win. It would have been sweet revenge considering how sweet and cute Vinci was to us. We were close but Dechy helped us on Thursday. :D

A.Nakamura vs. A.Kudryavtseva


This match was very up and down. Nakamura was up 5-3 in the first, lost it 7-5. Alla was up 3-1 in the second, lost it 6-3. Alla was then up another break in the third and lost 6-4. Overall, Aiko is a very fiesty player and it was very hard to get a ball past her. Alla has an incredible game and a lot of talent but the girl is very young and wears her emotions on her sleeve. If she could just grow up a little bit and not lose it after a silly error, she would won this match in two easily. Aiko was my brother's favorite. She is very kind and very sweet. She was happy all day long. And she would scream come on and squeal on the court. The picture of my brother and Aiko, I think, is the best picture of them all.

E.Vesnina vs. S.Bremond


Bremond competed with Tu for the biggest bitch award. She did not say a word when we spoke with her and she would slam her racquet and hit balls in angry the entire match. The match was very tight and very even on both sides of the court. You would have not been able to tell that Bremond was the girl on the tour who could not even win a match for months. Vesnina has a solid game, she just needs to be much more consistent and focus a lot more. She is playing more Tier IVs in the fall, she could sneak a title.

In The Zone
Aug 27th, 2007, 03:57 AM
Alicia Molik!


By far the biggest star at the event, she is a very cool personality while you could kind of tell she was a bit fake but I took her at face value -- she is sweet and very fun. When she was warming up, everyone stopped watching Dechy/Dushevina and watched her. Her serve and forehand was incredibly strong and powerful but the backhand is :help: :help:. No wonder she has been struggling. Afterwards, she was telling a story about how the Brits lost her luggage. My brother asked her what her best moment was in her career and she within an instant said it was the bronze medal.

Vera Zvonareva sighting!


I asked Vera if she was going to be ready for the Open and she said she was trying. We then saw her practicing and she would only hit forehands and serves. Not very encouraging.

Forest Hills Stadium:


This is the site of the old US Open when it was played on grass and shortly on clay before it moved to Flushing Meadows.

And here are the smart ones at Forest Hills wiping the courts down when it was STILL RAINING. :tape:

Virginie Razzano:


We really didn't get a chance to talk to her. Her game is very simple but very smart.

Jill Craybas:

Jill is very sweet and unfortunately, we did not get a chance to see her play. She is very nice and she was just happy to be there. She stayed around and watched a few matches.

Akiko Morigami:


Very solid from the baseline. It's when you mix her up and bring her to net she stumbles a little bit. Incredibly nice too. Right behind Audra on my list.

That's really it! :D! It was a great warmup for me emotionally for the US OPEN.

Here are the links to the slideshows with EVERY picture I took. It was over 75.

Enjoy! Last year will be Forest Hills last year! :sad:

Aug 27th, 2007, 07:25 AM
Thank you so much. :D Happy that Chan impressed you!!!!!!!!!! :woohoo:
Also happy to see she finally find her form back a bit. ;)

You and your friend looked good too. :) Sounds that you really had a great day.Thanks again for the report. :yeah:

(Can I put this in Yung-Jan's thread? :) )

In The Zone
Aug 27th, 2007, 07:37 AM
Thank you so much. :D Happy that Chan impressed you!!!!!!!!!! :woohoo:
Also happy to see she finally find her form back a bit. ;)

You and your friend looked good too. :) Sounds that you really had a great day.Thanks again for the report. :yeah:

(Can I put this in Yung-Jan's thread? :) )

Sure! Go ahead! :)