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Jul 11th, 2002, 01:08 PM
Translation, of course, from babelfish ;):

"Beautiful [fortnight]"

"Above all, I would like to thank all those which sent a message to me to be wished happy anniversary, and they are numerous. I of course would have preferred to celebrate it with a final in Wimbledon! But I had the surprise of a small festival surprised at the house with the return of London and I forgot Serena well quickly. In any event, there was nothing to make against it: too much powerful, practically unplayable on grass. The kind of match which leaves only few regrets "
"But more than this elimination, it is of course of my beautiful London course which I will remember. I made very beautiful [fortnight] in Wimbledon with in point organ[?] this victory over Jennifer Capriati. It is clearly a match reference for me, on all the levels, as well mentally as in the field of the play. I managed on this match to set up this play towards before I seek for some time. I could what make against it, how to counter its play and all functioned perfectly. The signal! "
"However, it is the kind of match which I could fear since it was my first on the central court of Wimbledon. And this court, it is surely most impressive in the world. One can smell the tradition at every moment; in the corridors, the photographs of the members of this mythical club. Before penetrating on the court, of people say to you if reverence should or not be made. Me, that amused me well to make it. Ca perhaps contributed to my relaxation. And then with the interruptions due to the rain and the return tickets, I was quickly accustomed there. Result, I managed this first very well on the exchange on an emotional level and I beat N°3 world "
"Without apprehending this period on grass, I could not too much with what await me. Finally, that will have been very beneficial. A quarterfinal in Hertogenbosch lost Danilidou face which then was essential and half on Wimbledon vis-a-vis Serena Williams, it is nevertheless a very positive assessment. Especially, these a few weeks on grass enabled me to set up my play forwards with more certainty. It is thus with a feeling of great satisfaction that I could return at home to blow my 23 candles "
"Since then, I put myself at total rest for recovering this fortnight well. Place from now on at the [Fed] Cup. Là, I am on the point of flying away for Biarritz where I will join Guy Forget. It y will have a small time of adaptation to find my feelings on hard. I will begin again quietly and as of Monday, we will be à.fond to prepare this quarterfinal vis-a-vis Slovaquie in Bratislava. It will be of not to doubt a very difficult meeting with a team of new France since Sandrine Testud took her retirement. Nat' Dechy thus passes N°2 and behind, there are Emilie Loit and Stéphanie Foretz. At the Slovak ones, one finds Hantuchova, Nagyova or Husarova which are a specialist in the double. Concerning this double, I do not know at all what Guy prepares but I am obviously held lends to assume this role, even if that made one moment that I did not play any more in double. There is one week to prepare all that seriously. One will take off Sunday for Vienna before a small transfer in the car to Bratislava where one hopes to take down a place in semi-final of this test which I appreciate so much "

"I give you very soon news. Ciao, Amélie "

Jul 11th, 2002, 01:12 PM
Thank you ,Linnie:D

Jul 12th, 2002, 04:50 AM
yeh thanks for that!im only just a mauresmo fan so its nice to read something like that!

Jul 12th, 2002, 04:57 AM
thanks 4 that it was great;)
i know im betraying jennifer capriati but go amelie:bounce: