View Full Version : The Current Greates: What Makes them

Aug 22nd, 2007, 10:43 PM
List and discuss what makes the very greatest players special in terms of achievements and place in the game.
Being a Williams fan it's easy because there are so many achievments and they fit the description perfectly, though there are others as well who have their own merits and conquests.

Serena Williams:
What makes her "great" and special is above all things her heart, I am fairly certain that in the game we will NEVER again see a former champion come in ranked 80+ after not winning a title in 2 years and win a major thrashing #1 in the final. that achievement in the womens game is completely unique to SErena.
8 majors in singles. 4 doubles majors, 2 mixed double majors
For me these are Serena's strongest stats and what makes her the most achieved player in Womens Tennis. She not only has won every singles GS tournament (3 oz, 1 fo, 2uso, 2wbl) but she has won then in doubles as well which is incredible. Throw in a pair of mixed doubles majors, over a year at #1, and one of the only women in history to have held all 4 majors at the same time and you just have SERENA

Venus Williams: 6 majors in singles, 4 doubles majors, 2 mixed.
Has won wevery major in the dubs w/Serena, also been world #1, gold medal in singles AND doubles, 4 time Wimbledon Champ, has been a finalist at every major, a heavyweight champion.

Who else and why?