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Jul 10th, 2002, 07:20 PM
TeeRexx gave a post of their lifetime record, and somone told how their looses to the likes of like davenport and hingis came early. Here is how they have fared from 2001 to now! I picked 2000 b/c it is the new millenium, and really that is when Venus and Serena started their somewhat consistent play, especially Venus.

Venus vs. Serena- 2-3
Venus vs. Hingis- 4-1
Venus vs. Lindasy- 6-1
Venus vs. Jennifer- 3-0
Venus vs. Monica- 5-1
Venus vs. Henin- 6-1
Venus vs. Clijsters- 1-1
Venus vs. Dokic- 2-1
Venus vs. Mauresmo 3-0

Serena vs. Venus- 3-2
Serena vs. Hingis- 4-3
Serena vs. Lindsay- 3-1
Serena vs. Jennifer- 5-4
Serena vs. Monica- 1-1
Serena vs. Henin- 4-1
Serena Vs. Clijsters- 3-0
Serena vs. Dokic- 2-0
Serena vs. Mauresmo- 3-0

Both have fared extremely well against the top players, especially Venus. She is a force to recon with. As you can see she rarely looses to top players. And the same is going for Serena. She has not lost to a top 10 player at all this year except for Henin. Really Serena has only lost twice this year cuz she had a walkover. But I think these stats will also start to make Serena look better when we started them up again next year.

Jul 10th, 2002, 09:54 PM
WOW :)