View Full Version : Maria's Latest Doodle: Lots of Random Thoughts!

Aug 17th, 2007, 08:42 AM
Hello everyone! I know I am really late on my doodle, but that's what happens when you're close to your house....the last thing you feel like doing is sitting at home and typing. But here it goes....as I'm munching on corn from the fresh Tuesday market.

Well as you know my body couldn't handle being healthy for a week so it decided to put a stop on playing for a few days. Stepping out of the car, already at the tournament, my shin muscle started needling pain...and as I kept walking it was getting worse....threw me for a huge loop! Now I can laugh about it because today I was able to practice just fine, without any pain, when just 2 days ago I couldn't lift my foot up. Completely mind-boggling!! Of course the next night a few friends of mine who flew in to see me play, decide to go bowling after dinner....I might as well have been hired to hand out the bowling shoes because with my foot I was really useless in that place. Btw why is it so funny when someone hit's the ball in the gutter?

Apart from not being able to walk much I had a really good couple days with my friends. Spent some time in Venice (the best place for brunch on Sunday's) and checked out this new Jaguar that I am crazy about...as well as the room in my garage for it and I think it will be just fine! Did a short Nike 'athlete' campaign shoot yesterday which is coming out really soon....always a good excuse for Erryn to fly down for a day....tough job you have there my friend! Haha

Fashion-wise this is my favorite part of the year. So nice to put on a little summer dress or shorts, without having to worry about bringing a sweater. Receiving my pre-ordered fall stuff from Peter Som and Thakoon this week....I don't know how many of you are into fashion but these two designers are the next big stars.

Going to Disneyland this week....can't tell you how exciting that is!! Goofy has not seen me for a whole year! As a friend pointed out....personality meets personality.

After reading a lot about Africa lately, I have finally got my hands on the new Harry Potter book....I'm usually one of the first to get them and first to finish reading them, but since this is the last time, I'm not so sure I want to read it that quick.

I don't know if anyone has noticed but I cut my hair 4 inches, although I'm almost positive a whole inch has grown back in the last two weeks. There should be a money-back policy if it grows that fast!!

Ok, on a more random note did anyone read that USA Today cover story about a 5-year old future tennis phenom? According to the article, this boy already has a sports phsycologist and a nutritionist. So if he wants to have macaroni and cheese for dinner, is the nutritionist going to tell him that it's too high in cholesterol? These stories make me sick!

I can't believe that in a week I am going to be back in N.Y!! So excited! Will write from there! Ciao! Maria