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Aug 15th, 2007, 10:16 AM
Anna has won 3 of her last 5 tournaments, I think that's 18 of her last 20 matches.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Hello again everyone!
Like yesterday, I didn't do all that much today either but that's probably a good thing, because like I said, I'm trying to save my energy for my match tomorrow.
The first thing I did today was sleep in very late and miss breakfast. Now my dad has been telling me I need to eat it every day, but this is the third day in a row I haven't gotten up in time. Anyway, today I went to the tournament site and had what was sort of breakfast and lunch at the same time :) Then, I watched a bit of the match between Razzano and Rezai, which I'd play the winner of Wednesday.
Razzano won, and after what I saw, I'll have to play my best tomorrow. She's in good shape and had good results last week in Los Angeles. I've played her twice before and beaten her both times, but neither match was easy. The last time we played was at Miami last year and I think we've both improved since then. She's had injury problems but she's a fighter and that's why she's always dangerous.
I didn't practice for too long after that; maybe 30-40 minutes. I feel my energy coming back. I feel I'm playing well but I'm not moving much in practice because I want to be fresh tomorrow. We didn't play a set or anything, just other things...
After practice I didn't do anything interesting at all. Well I went to the mall, which is not that far from my hotel, but when I got there all the shops were closed so no shopping for me today. I can't wait until next week - I am going to New York a week before the US Open starts - so I'll definitely get some good shopping in :)
I think all girls like shopping. But what I shop for depends on what's there. I just go to the shops and see what I like and don't like, and just buy what I like. It can be handbags or clothes - actually it's mostly handbags or clothes. Of course, shopping is best with my mom - she can go all day long and can even outlast ME. Shopping with my dad is a different story... We'll go into a store and he'll tell me to just find what I want and get it so we can leave. My dad is the one with me in Toronto so that's what I'm looking forward to here! My mom and brother were with me for a month, but after San Diego they went home because my brother (who is nine) had school coming up. I was alone in Los Angeles for a few days, but my dad came back from Moscow to join me in Toronto. So here we are!
My dad travels with me more as my mom can't travel too much because of my brother. I think he probably belongs with her anyway, because she helps him with school and keeps him under control. My dad can't handle it. He's such a kind father - too kind maybe! My brother gets away with not doing his homework and just playing his video games when my dad is in charge, whereas my mom would hide the video games if he didn't do his homework! I never really got into video games. I watch him play them sometimes. Sometimes I'll go back and he has a bunch of things he wants to show me - like once I came back and he had five cartoons ready to go and wanted to watch them with me! I do like them though. My favorite was Shrek - it was very funny, especially the donkey. But anyway...
I'll probably get some more rest tonight to be as ready as possible tomorrow. Hopefully, I can continue to play well like I have been doing this summer.
I'll talk to you all after the match!
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Monday, August 13, 2007
Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!
It has been a good summer for me. Of course, winning those titles in Cincinnati and Stanford helps a lot with my confidence - it's always great to win two titles in a row. But I got a cold after that - I'm still recovering, and it's tough.
After San Diego I went to Los Angeles to practice but I barely practiced, just once or twice, because I was sick. We came here to Toronto last Thursday and it's been getting a little better. I've been practicing for only about an hour a day so I can save as much energy as possible for my first match, which is on Wednesday.
Despite this situation, and having wanted to go right to sleep the moment I got here, I really like this city. Not only is the tournament well-organized - we have our own personal driver - but the city is nice as well. It's amazing the amount of Russians that live here! I was practicing with Svetlana Kuznetsova yesterday and so many people were watching us, maybe even more than the real matches! It's just like home, to know you'll have lots of support is a great feeling :)
We actually went to a Russian restaurant tonight. Our driver showed it to us! He told us that it was one of his favorite restaurants. I've been away from home for a month and I miss Russian food. We just got back and now I'm writing this...
It has been a pretty normal day for me. We did the All-Access Hour, where we do all of this media stuff. I was pretty tired so after that I went back to the hotel and didn't do too much until we went to the restaurant. I'd love to talk about some more exciting things, like that I went to a night club or something, but really this hasn't been too interesting a day! I probably won't do too much tomorrow either because I play Wednesday, but hopefully I'll have some more to talk about :)
I'll talk to you guys tomorrow!

Aug 15th, 2007, 10:28 AM
anna's so cute esp about missing breakfast. :)

Aug 15th, 2007, 11:29 AM
Anna has won 3 of her last 5 tournaments, I think that's 18 of her last 20 matches.
19-2 over her last 5 tournaments, but she did have the Fed Cup in the middle of that where she lost to Venus.