View Full Version : Going to the OPEN.... probably

Aug 10th, 2007, 09:53 PM
Hi guys! I was sent the tickets from the cancelled session last year so I guess I'm olbiged to go ;)
I have a few questions regarding the Open, I know QueenLindsay usually goes to the Open. The thing is I haven't bought the tickets yet, BUT I came to some conclusion which I need to be confirmed thanks to last year experience.
The US OPEN sells SOME of the tickets through the internet and leaves others in the box office. So if the web page says there are no more ticket availables that doens't mean the are no more tickets left for sale. So if I actually GO to the box offices and request some tickets they'll be available (right????) What happens with the 4th round and the Quarterfinals, can you get tickets say on the first Friday of the first week for the monday, or tuesday of the second week??

I would really like to know this asap. thanks!