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Nov 25th, 2001, 02:35 PM
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Hey guys!<br />Ok here is how the game works.<br />It was a tough job ,to come up with subsequent rounds, and I hope you guys like it . <img src="redface.gif" border="0">

I knew the game had to be different and unpredicatable.That’s why I added these elements.<br />If you feel that a round sucks or if you don’t like this format,let me know as there is still time ,and I’ll try to change whatever you want.<br />

1st round :<br />I wanted to make 2 groups ,but I don’t know how many people will turn up,so I decided to just play the way we normally play.I ask a tennis related question.You have to answer it to me PRIVATELY to me.Based on who answered it fastest ,all the players will be RANKED from 1st to 10th (If there are 10 players).The player who is ranked 1st gets 11 points, 2nd gets 10 points ,3rd gets 9 points and so on…..<br />One such ranking will be obtained for each question asked. I will ask eight such questions.<br />To ensure fairness, there will one question from each part of the world (N.America,South America,Africa,Europe ,Asia and Australia) ,plus there will be 2 general questions. I may ask some unscramble questions ,so that the fast typers don’t get an unfair advantage.<br />After 8 questions,the 8 players with the most number of points move to the next round.

2nd round :<br />Here the 8 contestants are asked questions by the players who LOST in the 1st round.Each of these asks questions in their own room,and in the and tell me ,the three players who they were most impressed by.<br />The top 5 players with the most mentions ,move to the next round.

3rd Round :<br />Here simply I ask 5 questions with two options.The contestants have to privately answer me which option it is. Again based on speed the players will be ranked from 1 to 5 .The rankings for most questions will NOT be revealed.One more thing,if your answer is wrong, then the player who gave the wrong answer LATER will be ranked higher.<br />Eg. Which month of the year was Martina Hingis born in? a)January b)September<br />If the contestants answer like this :-<br />Jacs : b<br />Alx : a<br />TOT :b<br />Berna : a<br />Anabel :a<br />The correct answer is b<br />Then the rankings will be 1 Jacs 2 TOT 3 Anabel 4 Berna 5 Alx <br />Though Anabel answered later, since she gave the wrong answer LAST,hence she will be ranked 1st among the players who gave the wrong answer.<br />The top 3 move to the final round

Final Round :<br />Here 3 players themselves are asked to ask TWO tennis QUESTIONS each to the players who have not qualified as finalists,and they try to answer them..You have to be creative and think of some good questions.So here the 3 finalists become quizmasters.<br />After this the 3 finalists will be asked to give a brief introduction of themselves.<br />Finally ,all the players who have not qualified as the finalists ,select the winner.They give their choices PRIVATELY to me, so you wont know who selected whom.<br />They are asked to choose the winner on basis of their ENTIRE perfomance that evening. As a player,as a quizmaster and more importantly as a PERSON.

I hope you guys enjoy the show.It’ll be interesting to see who comes out as the winner after all these rounds. If you are uncomfortable with any round let me know right now.

By the way if you have NOT UNDERSTOOD any round or the game ,don’t worry.<br />Make it to the chat room,and you’ll understand.<br />Good Luck to all.........<br /><font color=pink size=4><br />The URL of the chat room is <br /><a href="http://www.jasc.com/chat/chat.asp</font>" target="_blank">http://www.jasc.com/chat/chat.asp</font></a>

Nov 25th, 2001, 04:11 PM
Round 2 sounds a little bit 'iffy' to me because its all about opinion rather then knowledge.

Look at it this way:

Anabel, Alx, and TOT or someone all go into a room. Anabel is outstanding, but Alx and Anabel are big rivals. Then the whole game is slated towards TOT because of the Anabel/Alx rivalry.

I like the rest of the game, but it looks to me like there are gonna be a bit more then 10 players playing.

Nov 25th, 2001, 04:28 PM
Thanks ASV,<br />Yes I do agree that the 2nd round is all about opinion and subjectivity and bias may creep in here. But may stop the same people from dominating the game,as some varied opinions and subjectivity will help bring out some change.<br />Anyway,if all of you,dont like this round,I will scrap it <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">

Nov 25th, 2001, 09:34 PM
Ooops forgot sorry!

I still wanna play thoough! <img src="graemlins/angel.gif" border="0" alt="[Angel]" />

Nov 25th, 2001, 09:37 PM
sorry I sign up but cannot log on into the site, I dunno why