View Full Version : what does it take to get a thread locked?

Jul 9th, 2002, 07:52 AM
I've noticed a lot of locked threads. Often, I'll see open threads that seem as bad or worse than the locked threads. So what is it that gets a thread locked? Is it a mere complaint to a moderator? Does a complaint automatically get a thread locked or does the moderator review the thread and use his/her discretion?

Jul 9th, 2002, 09:05 AM
Ok the facts first of all ;) there are 4000-5000 posts per day at least (although i suspect this figure may have increased) and lets say probably 6 or 7 active admins/moderators atm. Thats an awful lot of posts to have to review and follow. So we miss things. It happens.

I dont believe any of the threads that i have locked recently were locked wrongly, and they were locked based on a number of things including (in no particular order):-

a) what i read in the thread,
b) how i saw the thread interms of what has gone and what may go on in it,
c) what i know of the posters contributing to etc etc.
d) reports/complaints by others posters about it.

Yes mistakes happen from time to time which is why personally, i now give the option of pm'ing me to review the situation if there is such a feeling.

But there is an onus on the member as well, and if you see open threads that are as bad or worse - then as a member you really should be reporting them - that is exactly why we have the reported post feature - because its accepted that despite what oyu may think were not super human ;) and that we cant see everything. None of us are that crazy that were here 24/7 you know :p

From now on when i am around - the derogatory threads which i see regarding any player will be closed, purely because there is enough good within womens tennis that every single one of us should try and focus on that rather than bitch, moan, and plain annoy with crap, insensitive, and unfair posts about other players or posters. And maybe, just maybe people will start to realise that the effort put into replying these threads is spent, and therefore think twice about doing so.