View Full Version : Gogogirl, I am going to knock you silly

Jul 8th, 2002, 07:40 PM
You posted an article on Venus and serena and I wanted to read it. I am at work and did not want to have the article up on my screen so I decided to print it. The problem is, i am having problems with my printer so I thaught, what the hell, It is just maybe 2 pages so I will just hurry and send it to my bosses printer. WELL, it was 31 f'ing pages and I stood there like an idiot over this mans shoulder pulling pages off his printer for what felt like forever. I was sh!tting bricks. Like OMG, when is this going to end. And to make matters worts, he was like what the heck is that? I had to lie. BAD GOGOGIRL...:fiery: