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Dokic power
Nov 11th, 2001, 08:41 PM

Season 2001 has been full of ups and downs for me. i have accomplished much more than i actually thought i would. it has been great to meet all ane every single ttt player right from day 1. i met the 1st ttt players in the 1st ever ttt event in sydney. since then i have founded a great bond between myself and this great game. the best moment for me in ttt has to be leipzig where i founded my 1st and only final off my carrer so far, beating great players along the way: Anabel, Sonfo and finally falling to the great player alx. One bug huge part of my ttt carrer has to be the doubles were i have managed to win countless titles and even finish the best doubles team. ofcourse i have only one person to thank for this and it is caz. without caz my ttt carrer would had been hopeless. caz brought alot into my carrer with the taste of success, i thank hugely and cant wait to season 2, i do however apologise so much for my retirment at the masters, my friend donna's mum, well no need to go through again.

Finally i would like to say thanks to Anabel. Anabel if ofcourse the one who has worked hardest of all to make ttt a great game, thanks very much. thanks to all my fans, you are great and make my life very happy in ttt. Thanks caz, thanks caz lots.

I will see you all in season 2 where i will hope to carry on my better form that i found in end of this season. thanks! i love you all!

Anya. <img src="graemlins/kiss.gif" border="0" alt="[Kiss]" />

Nov 11th, 2001, 11:05 PM
It's a great pleasure having you around DP. <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"> <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"> <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"> <br />Best of luck for Season 2! <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"> <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">

Nov 11th, 2001, 11:54 PM
how sweet <img src="graemlins/wavey.gif" border="0" alt="[Wavey]" />

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Nov 12th, 2001, 11:38 AM
<img src="graemlins/wavey.gif" border="0" alt="[Wavey]" /> Its great to have you in the tour! and im sure you will win your first title soon , maybe in Pattaya <img src="wink.gif" border="0"> as you have defeated almost all the top TTT players: Anabel Williamslover ILT Sonfo Caz...Good luck for 2002 season!!

btw.... <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0"> @ Leipzig.... <img src="wink.gif" border="0">